Monday, 5 September 2016

Marston Vale Paranormal Investigation History

When we set up MVPI back in 2009 as a hobby group, we had no idea that it would grow to the size it is now.  We started with an old voice recorder and a Samsung Digimax 103 (A camera that no longer works but still sits on my shelf) now we hold approximately £2000 worth of equipment.

We quickly realised that this was a vastly unknown pastime and so with every investigation me and Gavin Truslove would research and verify any findings we accumulated.  We quickly found many plausible explanations and with Martin Ward on board we set about compiling every natural source of 'orb' creating matter and photographed it in the grounds of Someries Castle, Bedfordshire.

By 2010 we had covered 23 investigations and of those 23 only three stood out as being as we categorise them as being of 'significant paranormal interest'.  These places were Segenhoe Church, Brogborough Manor Farm and Sopwell Nunnery.  I remember calling Gav while he was in Southampton as I first discovered the EVP “James is the only...”, that was an exciting discovery and one that pretty much set in stone that this is what we were after.

By 2011 three became six with the addition of Datchworth, Tewin and a pub in North Bedfordshire.

Marston Vale Paranormal is a strong team, its a great team and having worked with other teams I feel that we have the best team.  We are striding into the next year with a strong internet presence thanks to my brother in law Peter, and along with him has come a lot of tools that I can use to get evidence out to the team to review and send back anything that may prove to be paranormal (Google Drive is brilliant for this and will save time). Evidence review is king, its what makes the hours of being in the field worthwhile, I am going to need a team of people who will give time to look at video and audio footage to find those nuggets of evidence that tie in with what we experienced in the field.  Marston Vale Paranormal is a well respected and very well known brand, we always hear people tell us how they know about us and have seen the van with the stickers, or the twitter page of Facebook page.

So, back in 2009 would I have ever dreamed that my little hobby with my son Isaac and best friend Gav ever turn into the team and reputation we have did I heck as like

Written by Rob Dennis, Co-Founder of MVPI


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