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Monday, 16 January 2017

Mum panics as chilling Black-Eyed Child ghost stalks her in horror photo

Hannah Butler, 24, says she has been terrorised by the ghost of an orphan girl dressed in white with jet black hair and eyes.

It all started when she photographed the youngster while on a ghost walk in Hessle Foreshore woods, East Riding, Yorks, back in 2013.

Hannah, who is mum to 15-month-old daughter Emma, said: "Our guide showed us this tree, and told us that some people had seen the ghost of a little orphan girl there who is looking out to sea waiting for her daddy.

"I just snapped away at the tree, I must have taken about ten photos. I was wandering around, looking through them, and then I saw it.

"I thought I had just imagined her. It wasn't on any of the other photos. Then I started freaking out. I was so shocked.

"I started crying and had to leave. I stayed over at my friend's for a few days after that because I was so scared."

Hannah's photo, taken around midnight, shows what appears to be the figure of a young girl with black eyes aged around five.

She said since then the mysterious orphan girl has appeared regularly in her dreams.

The mysterious image even left previously-sceptical partner of three years Chris Billings, 25, totally baffled.

Hannah added: "It sounds silly, but after that night I have had dreams about the girl. She's been on my mind a lot. I think of her often, and I still dream about her. I don't think she will ever leave me.

"If there was a dark room, I would always be scared that she was there in the corner, and I still feel like that at times.

"Chris is the most sceptical person, but even when he looks at the picture he can't find an explanation. There was just no explanation. I don't know what to believe anymore.

"And then I look at the picture and it's definitely a girl. I've tried to find an explanation but I can't."

The Black-Eyed Child ghost has been spotted regularly in Britain, mainly around Cannock Chase Woods in Staffordshire.

Last month a horror snap appeared to show the face of a young girl while a sinister clip emerged from the haunted woods earlier this year.

Story and source: Daily Star

Ricky Tomlinson reveals he talks to the ghost of his dead son and that he comes to sit with him

TV favourite Ricky Tomlinson ­believes in ghosts – and says he is visited by his dead son.

The Royle Family star was ­heartbroken by the loss of his beloved eldest boy Clifton at the age of 33.

Now, 12 years on, he says Clifton stays in touch from beyond the grave. Ricky, famed for his role as sofa-dwelling Scouser Jim Royle, told the Sunday People: “I believe in ghosts and spirits. I’ve had experiences I’ll never forget.”

Ricky, 77, who now stars as a wizard in the Sky One children’s fantasy The Last Dragonslayer, said he often feels Clifton’s comforting presence on his bed.

A deeply spiritual man, Ricky also told how his mother communicated with his late father and revealed his brushes with ghosts at his Liverpool club.

Clifton, one of Ricky’s three sons with former wife Marlene, died in hospital on December 4, 2004, after a long battle with drink and drugs.

Time has eased the pain but his late son is never far from Ricky’s thoughts.

“I talk to him all the time, in my head,” he said after marking the painful ­anniversary. “It’s not just this time of year, it’s regularly. He was great and harum-scarum. He knows I loved him.

“And although I can’t see him, now and then he sits on the bed with me.

“I can feel him, this weight. I know that sounds strange because ghosts are ­invisible. But I know it’s him.”

The pain is close to the surface, ­although hidden most of the time by Ricky’s exuberant personality.

“It’s difficult,” he admitted. “I’m one of three brothers. When we lost my dad, it was a tremendous loss. I loved him. But it was a different feeling when Clifton died. Our Clifton. He was my eldest lad.”

Ricky’s voice was filled with emotion as he recalled one special moment at a cottage in Coedpoeth, North Wales. “I used to go there to get out of the way and write,” he said. “It’s only a little one-bed place with an open fire and log burner.

“We’d had a bad, bad winter and I could just about drive to the cottage before the snow was too deep to get any further.

“I put the fire on and a butterfly came in the room and settled on my hand.

“It was our Clifton coming to see me, that I’m sure of.”

His late mother Peggy, who died of a stroke three years ago aged 86, apparently had similar reunions with Ricky’s late father Albert after his death at 55.

Ricky, who also played Bobby Grant in Merseyside soap Brookside , said: “Mam knew when she was dying and used to talk to Dad. They used to go on these coach trip holidays every year down south.

“My dad did all the organising. When he died she started going away to similar places with her mates and I said, ‘Don’t you miss my dad, Mam?’

“She said, ‘No, your dad comes to visit me every year before I go on my holidays to see if I’m all right.’”

Ricky recalled a number of psychic experiences.

In 1987 he took on a five-year lease of a building in Liverpool, planning to renovate it as a hub for where aspiring actors and ­entertainers could perform.

It soon transpired that the venue, called The Limelight Club, was haunted.

Ricky recalled: “We had an old hooker, God love her, who used to come in.

“She wasn’t too well one night and I said, ‘Don’t worry, Chloe, you get your head down here for a while.’

“We were playing snooker downstairs when we heard screams. When we went to see her, she’d climbed out on to the window ledge more than 200ft up.

“I said, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Ricky’, she said, ‘I was going to come down ­because I felt a lot better.

“But there was this old guy, standing by the door in a long brown overcoat and cap, and he wouldn’t let me out.’

“He kept saying, ‘I’m waiting for Nellie, I’m waiting for Nellie.’”

“We also had the police out one night because I could hear people talking in one of the rooms.

“We were near a bank so I thought they could be burglars. But when the police burst in there was no one there.

“Another time I was coming down the stairs and saw a lady with a baby in a pushchair and a little girl holding her hand. I walked into my ­office and when I turned around they’d gone.

"I had a lad staying there at the time. He was in a bit of ­trouble so I’d given him a room upstairs. One morning I saw him going downstairs, looking up at the wall.

“I said, ‘What’s the matter?’ He said, ‘You won’t believe this. Every morning when I go out there’s a woman with a little baby in a pram and a girl ­holding her hand.’

“When I get to the door she’s gone and it’s locked.’

Ricky, married since 2003 to Rita Cumiskey, is still in touch with David Drew, the psychic who­ finally put an end to the hauntings at the club.

He said: “He stayed for a few days and on the last day there was something going on in the bathroom. He came out and I thought he’d been fighting Mike Tyson . He said, ‘It’s gone’. And I asked, ‘What was it?’

“He said it was person who killed someone then ­committed suicide but wouldn’t accept he was dead and move over.”

Ricky made another grisly ­discovery while filming an episode of the genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? to be screened on December 22.

It turned out that one of his ancestors was the victim of body snatchers, who sold corpses and organs illegally.

Now Ricky is delighted by his latest role in The Last Dragonslayer, describing the experience as “an absolute joy”. It is set in a Harry Potter -style world in which magic is dying out and needs ­restoring.

Ricky said: “It was tremendous ­because I’m a bit of a dinosaur when it come to special effects. I’ve only just learned to text – but I really enjoyed it.”

In one scene Ricky had to fly. He­ recalled: “That look of fear was real. They strap you to a bicycle seat on a ­giant seesaw and throw you up in the air.

“Afterwards the producer said, ‘Marvellous, you looked terrified.’ And I said, ‘I was bloody terrified.’”

During filming people even mistook his wizard look for a tramp.

Ricky explained: “I had my own beard but I had stuff put on my hair to make it stand on end. I’ve got a big enough nose as it is but they’d put this red stuff on it.

“I didn’t have the heart to ask the make-up girls to take it all off at the end of a long day, even though they’d offer.

“So when I got into my hotel, people would turn around and look at me”

He added: “I can’t wait for my grandkids to watch it.”

Story and source: Mirror

Edward V’s ghost photobombs picture at the Tower of London

A MOTHER-OF-TWO claims that a photograph she took at the Tower of London could have been photobombed by the ghost of 12-year-old Edward V - solving a 500-year-old murder mystery.

Mary Ryan, 40, was taking snaps of weapons on display at the historic attraction while on a day trip but failed to notice the face that appeared in the reflection until she returned home to Liverpool.

The hairdresser believes the ghostly face of a young boy could be that of Edward V, who was sent to the Tower along with nine-year-old brother Richard, by their uncle King Richard III in 1483.

It is widely assumed they were murdered as the duo were never seen again - but Miss Ryan claims that her picture could be the first image ever caught of the tragic young prince.

Sir Thomas More, the 16th century statesman and historian, claimed the two princes were smothered by their uncle and buried within the tower - though it was never proved and their disappearance is often cited as one of the world's greatest murder mysteries.

Miss Ryan had visited the tower with her boyfriend Andrew Lang, 38, and daughters Kayleigh, 18, and Chloe Lang, 15, in early 2015 and claims the family have been “freaked out” by the photo ever since.

Miss Ryan said: “You can see Kayleigh's reflection in the glass on the picture and Andrew's hand on the right hand side.

“But the skin on the boy's face is completely different than the others, which is what made me look at it properly.

“It's horrible. I was really freaked out by it. Kayleigh was really scared by it too. She was worried it could have been following her - she was only 16 at the time.

“We've not seen anything like this before.

“I love things to do with the paranormal. I'm scared to death of it but I love reading about it.

“Andrew never believed in any of it until he saw this picture. He has been trying to explain it ever since but couldn't. He was very much a non-believer in ghosts until this.

“There was only another glass cabinet behind us and the corridor was about two metres wide at most. It was just enough to fit someone else past but there was no one else there.

“We were at the end of the group so no one was behind us or near us. In fact, there were no young boys even in the group.

“The boy's clothing even looks old, very old. Even his hair and everything [look old].

“The two young princes look very similar to him. I think it's possibly something paranormal as I know definitely no one was there and that tower is known to be highly haunted, and it's where the boys were thought to be murdered.“

The family were on a two day trip to London when the incident occurred and say it happened in the White Tower - the central tower also known as the old keep.

Miss Ryan said: “We didn't see the face at the time, it was a couple of weeks later when we got home and were looking through when I realised what was in the background.

“It is said to be the most haunted part of the tower, the White Tower.

“When I posted it on social media people said that two young princes were killed there and he looks like one of them. It's really creepy.

“The reason I had taken the picture is I had been fascinated by the gun as it was full of jewels such as diamonds. It must have been worth thousands. I think it had been a gift to the monarchy.

“We have not experience anything paranormal or odd since but I would love to go back. I would be taking more photos and paying more attention to what is in them.

“If I saw something like that at the time I would have been very scared - I would run away probably and left the kids.

“All of us were quite freaked out by it as we couldn't explain it.

“Everyone I have shown the photo to is fascinated by it.”

The White Tower is the oldest part of the landmark and was originally designed to 'strike fear' into the unruly citizens of London. The basement of the tower is believed to have been used for torture.

Story and source: Express