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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Footage Of Mysterious Felda Ghost Giving A Surprise Visit To The Police Goes Viral

Over the past few days, there have been heated discussions over a viral video recording showing a white apparition 'paying a visit' to a few auxiliary police officers on night duty.

The video posted to user Ely Bpm Facebook page on November 15 had been widespread, and shared with over 10,000 users thus far.

However, some users deem the resurfaced clip was believed to have taken place around year 2004-2005, while others said it was recorded at least five years ago.

In the two minute clip, one of the officers zoomed in to the window where an apparition appeared to be watching them, and staring straight to the camera.

While the other officers were playing chess, the officer recording screamed in fright at the sight of the white apparition they believed to be a ‘pontianak’ (vampire).

According to sources, the footage was taken in the Felda Lepar Hilir 7 in Pahang.

Many have however doubted the encounter which evidently occured past midnight, perhaps even skeptical of such supernatural occurrences.

Story and source: Malaysian Digest

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Ghost hunters capture spooky ‘woman in black’ phantom figure at one of Britain’s most haunted buildings

Ghost hunters claim to have captured a spooky ‘woman in black’ phantom figure at one of Britain’s most haunted buildings.

Julie Cockroft, 55, was at the 14th century Bolling Hall in Bradford, West Yorkshire, when a member of her team said they saw an apparition of an ‘old maid’ in an apron.

Seizing the opportunity, Julie, from Wakefield, grabbed her camera and began snapping the empty stairwell and noticed something haunting in the first image.

It appears to show a woman dressed in black making her way down the stairs, while a hand seemingly holds onto the bannister, with fingers clinging to the rail.

In the following two pictures she took, the woman was gone.

Julie, who runs Equinox Paranormal Research UK, said: “I take three pictures at a time to compare them just in case, so that I can always check to see what differences there are between the images.

“One member of our team said they had seen a woman in black on the stairs. So I said right, let’s all go to the door so that there was only me there.

“I took the three photos just like usual and there she was. I didn’t see anything with my own eyes at all near the stairs.

“I thought it was fantastic, as suspected paranormal pictures go, it’s a really good picture.

“The guest who saw the woman said she had a white apron on around her waist and a black dress underneath.

“It does look possibly like an old servant or maid. But I have no idea really.

“I have sent it to many experts who have seen all kinds of paranormal photos and have even analysed it on their expensive machinery and they say it’s definitely a ghost hand that you can see on the stairs. Everyone say it’s fantastic.

“[On the night], people had seen lots of orbs and heard lots of noises and voices etc, but no one else has come forward to say they caught anything on camera.

“But spotting this certainly doesn’t scare me off investigating – quite the opposite, it makes me want to do more.

“The picture is pretty high up in terms of pictures of the paranormal. I have been told by so-called ‘experts’ that it’s one of the best they have ever seen.

“What you have to do is really try to debunk every picture before you put it out there and say ‘look at this’. You can’t just put any old rubbish out there.

“But that’s exactly what we did here. No one was in the building at all when we took the picture, we had brought everyone out of the front door. Even the staff were stood behind me at the front door.

“If it is a person and not something paranormal then they have a terrible skin condition on their hand, that’s for sure.”

Bolling Hall is regarded as one of the most ‘active’ buildings in Yorkshire and has featured on numerous TV shows including Most Haunted with Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah.

During the English Civil War, the hall was a stronghold for the Royalist cause in 1643 and legend has it a ghost appeared to one of the commanders to tell him to ‘pity poor Bradford’.

Story and source: The Sun

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Smiling Ghost Photobombs Paranormal Investigation of Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage

There are good ghost photos, and then there are fantastic ones, and a set of pictures snapped during a recent investigation of the abandoned Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage in Liverpool are a perfect example of the latter. The images, which were captured during the Haunted Happenings public investigation this past spring, are some of the creepiest to hit the internet this year.

The Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage is a 99,000 square-foot labyrinth of corridors, hallways, hospital wards, chapels and mortuaries, and when you consider the building’s turbulent, 138-year history, it’s no surprise the location is crawling with paranormal activity. The institution opened its doors in 1874 to 321 orphaned children, all of whom lived in the building under some pretty cruel conditions. At its peak, there were over a thousand kids living together inside the cold, grey building, often neglected and uncared for.

Since it’s closure, paranormal teams have flocked to the hospital hoping to make contact with the spirits inside, and many of them have been successful, experiencing phenomena that range from from hearing the phantom sounds of children laughing to witnessing tall shadow figures skulking up and down the abandoned corridors. Its not uncommon for visitors to report the sensation of being watched, or to even feel their clothing or hair being gently tugged at by a pair of unseen hands.

One of the most common reports include that of “a small child on the top floor corridor and shadowy figures on Ward G”, and brave investigators who sneak down to the basement have recorded mysterious dragging noises emanating from the Dining Room, even when the room is clear.

The latest piece of spooky evidence comes from a group of 29 investigators who recently spent the night exploring the dark hallways in search of paranormal phenomena. It wasn’t until one of the event goers returned home from the hunt that he realized two mysterious visitors had photobombed their group photo at the end of the night. It appears that some of Newsham Park’s resident ghosts decided they wanted to take part in the fun.

“Upon inspecting the photograph yesterday morning I noticed, almost immediately, the grey girl in the center of the image, and then the face directly below her,” the amateur ghost hunter told reddit.  “If we include the grey girl and the face below her, that gives us a body count of 32 people (including the camera operator), which was impossible because there were only 30 people on the premises at the time.”

A close look at the photo shows two faces (one more clearly than the other) peeking out from between two of the investigators, both with toothy smiles that are equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

“We have not manipulated this image in anyway,” he added. “I, quite frankly, am computer illiterate, and I couldn’t successfully use Photoshop anymore than I could fly a 747.”

I don’t know about you, but I think its pretty safe to say the ghosts of Newsham Park seem to be getting a kick out of all the attention, and after that photo, there’s a very good chance they’ll be getting a heck of a lot more as ghost hunters flooding in to investigate.

Story and Source: Week in Weird

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Mysterious 'ghost ship' spotted shimmering on a lake

You're at Lake Superior in Michigan, one of the mighty Great Lakes stretching between the US and Canada. You look out across the water and a ghostly object appears above the gentle waves looking like it wandered out of the special effects studio for "Pirates of the Caribbean." YouTube user Jason Asselin posted a fascinating video capturing just such a sight on Monday.

What is it? The Detroit Free Press isn't making any guesses, but it does say the Great Lakes contain more than 6,000 shipwrecks. Asselin writes, "Saturday evening far off coast from Marquette, Michigan, appeared this mysterious ship that had to be gigantic! Almost as if a ghost ship was showing itself to the world...Even if it was a ship, what could be that tall in these choppy waves?" That's a lot more likely than a supernatural boat.

Is it a phantom of a tall ship? A demon haunting the waters? Never fear. YouTube comment detectives are here to help us sort this mystery out. The wavering object may actually be the Granite Island Lighthouse, which features several tall structures.

This isn't the first "ghost ship" to make an appearance this year. In June, we witnessed video of a rare mirage masquerading as a ship on the horizon. The Michigan video is no more a real ghost ship than that optical illusion, but it's still fun to let the imagination run wild.

Story and source: cnet

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Mum photographs 'GHOST' at Birmingham Back to Backs museum

It may look like a simple shadow – but a stunned mum believes this picture shows a GHOST at a Birmingham tourist attraction.

Ella Reeve said she felt “icy cold” as she took the snap during a guided tour of the historic Back to Backs in the city centre .

The image showed a shadow in a bedroom – but the 30-year-old said there was no-one else in the room and the shadow did not fall on the nearby bed.

Ella said she hoped the shadow was that of her late grandfather, a Second World War veteran.

He died aged 93 two years ago – and used to live in a similar back-to-back house.

The mother-of-two was also carrying a picture of her grandad when she took the photo.

“After taking a picture of a specific room, I felt icy cold,” she said.

“Later, I realised there was a shadow in the picture.

“This picture was weird because there was nobody else in the room and you can’t see the shadow on the bed.”

Ella also snapped what she claimed was a “misty cloud” in a kitchen during her tour of the National Trust-run attraction – the last surviving court of back to-back houses in Birmingham.

She said: “I wasn’t thinking about ghosts in either room but I looked at that picture and saw a cloud – I became scared.

“I know it sounds far-fetched but I hoped the shadow, which resembles a man’s body, was my grandfather.

“My grandfather was a really honest and respectable man and I’m very curious about the room.

“I want to return to do a candlelit tour – I’m scared but I think it’s fascinating.”

Ella, from Wolverhampton , said the photo was just the latest sign she believed she had received from her grandad.

She said: “On the day he died, my step-dad called to let me know and I was heartbroken.

“I had awoken an hour earlier with a horrible feeling.

“When I went to my back garden afterwards, I looked up to the sky and said: ‘Grandad if you’re okay, show me a sign’.

“A white feather dropped on my lap.

“Before an operation in September 2015, I saw a white feather on the hospital’s bathroom floor.

“I wondered where it had come from as there were no windows in the room.”

Ella said she also had a spooky experience at Dudley Castle as a teenager.

She said: “I think I was 18 at the time.

“While I was touring I heard someone yell: ‘Stop!’.

“I looked up and saw a man I believed to be one of the castle’s actors dressed in a 15th-century outfit.

“But later that day, when I told the tour guide that I had seen an actor, she said they did not have actors that day.”

Story and source: Birmingham Mail

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Corpse Of Girl, St Innocence, ‘Opens Her Eyes’ In Freaky Video

A video appearing to show the 300-year-old corpse of a young girl opening its eyes has got people just a little bit weirded out.

According to legend, St Innocence was stabbed to death by her father when he found her performing First Communion with local nuns behind his back having previously forbidden her from practising Catholicism.

Since her murder, the preserved remains of the little girl have been displayed in the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Jalisco in Mexico, where tourists can pay their respects to her.

Shot in 2012, the clip has recently gained traction on YouTube prompting a mixture of disbelief and deep scepticism.

According to the post, the person who shot the video was unaware of what they’d captured until they viewed it later.

Viewer’s reactions were mixed...

“Yes, it looks like her eyes open towards the end of the video but how can it be possible?”

“The devil wants to impress.”

As well as lots of people simply saying: “Fake”.

Story and source: Huffington Post

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Ghost of a Young Boy Captured Peeking from Tree in St. Augustine, Florida

Sometimes ghosts show up in the strangest places. They walk up stairs that no longer exist, disappear through walls, and occasionally, they even appear in trees. That’s where a group of tourists spotted a lingering spirit in a St. Augustine cemetery, and they managed to snap a pretty spooky photo of the phantom.

Arturo P. wrote in to Week in Weird to share the story, and included a couple strange photos of the alleged spirit, but he wants to know  – is it real?

Full story and source: Week In Weird

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Is this Shropshire airfield haunted? Paranormal investigation group are heading to find out

An investigation group will descend on Sleap Airfield, near Wem, in the hope of contacting the spirits of airmen who died in tragic crashes at the site.

Paranormal Friends is returning to the airfield which starred in the recent ITV series Home Fires.

The return visit follows a successful first visit earlier this month where contact was supposedly made with the ‘after-life’, according to the group.
Group co-founder Veronica Extance said she can’t wait to see what further communication the group can make.

She said: “Due to the recorded and tragic history of the location we were keen to see what activity we might encounter and when we started hearing certain reports we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

“We were not to be disappointed.

“For a first ever investigation we seemed to encounter a lot of potential paranormal activity.

“This ranged from big changes in temperatures, electro-magnetic fields and sound recordings using a spirit box radio scanner and voice recorders.

“This is being analysed at the moment but it has some excellent communication going on.

“Footsteps were clearly heard on the ground floor when everybody was on the first floor in the control tower and vice versa during two vigils.

“This just could not be explained away.”

The group will investigate the museum which contains artefacts recovered from fatal accidents and the control tower where two tragedies struck in quick succession in 1943.

Within weeks of each other, two Armstrong Whitworth Whitleys – twin-engined light/medium bombers – swung off the runway and hit the control tower, killing many of the crew and those working in the tower.

Now paranormal enthusiasts have the chance to take part in the investigation at the airfield, which is now the home of Shropshire Aero Club.

The group will use a combination of scientific and spiritual experiments including Victorian séances, K2 metres and glass divination.

The investigation will take place on March 4 next year between 9pm and 2am.

Tickets to join will cost £25 and places are limited. To book a place visit www.paranormalfriends.co.uk/book

Story and source: Shropshire Star

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Antiques shop appears to be haunted by a POLTERGEIST as items fly off shelves in mystifying video

Incredible CCTV footage shows signs of paranormal activity as objects fly off the shelves in an antique shop.

It appears that previous owners are less than willing to let their belongings go without a fight at the store in Barnsley, as shelves are rocked and items are sent crashing to the ground.

The footage, captured across different dates this year, shows books shaken onto the floor and figurines knocked over - without any human contact whatsoever.

At one point in the clip a spooked customer in a baseball hat is left searching the store for answers as one of the figurines is sent toppling off a table, while he stands with his back to it.

A book is also thrown onto the floor during the short video,  with three skateboards knocked over towards the end of the footage.

During each incident there is no contact visible from anyone, which could lead some to suggest their may be a mysterious power at work.

It would not be the first time there has been a suggestion of paranormal activity in a Barnsley antique shop.

Owner of the Barnsley Antique Centre, Danny Parker, claimed he had experienced 50  such incidents in the space of year.

His CCTV footage had captured a picture frame hitting the floor and smashing and a glass cabinet exploding for no reason.

Speaking at the time, last year, Danny said: 'We have been open a year and have probably had 50 incidents happen.

'Most caught on CCTV and some truly bizarre happenings, which our customers have witnessed and an even more bizarre unexplained figure witnessed by myself.

'And I'm a non-believer, so it does make you think twice if there is something else out there.'

A specialist team of ghost hunters were called to investigate and deduced that the presence of a tramp, who used to hang around an abandoned cemetery that the shop has been built on, could be responsible.

They also suggested that the 'spirit' may be connected to and interested in antiques, meaning it is merely curious and of no harm to staff and customers.

Story and source: Daily Mail

Friday, 23 September 2016

Stayin' Alive? Last Surviving Bee Gees Singer Confesses To Having Seen His Brothers' Ghosts

The last surviving band member of the Bee Gees band, Barry Gibb just admitted he has seen his brothers ghosts.

"It’s not fun because you’re not quite sure what it was about.

"If it was real. I saw Robin and my wife saw Andy.

"Maybe it’s a memory producing itself outside your conscious mind or maybe its real.FilePic: Getty ImagesFilePic: Getty Images

"The biggest question of all is: is there life after death? I’d like to know," Barry revealed in a recent interview with UK newspaper, The Daily Mail.

Barry had formed the legendary Bee Gees band with his brother Robin and Maurice back in 1958 and the trio had their first hit in 1967.

They recorded a string of international hits throughout the 1970s, renowned for their stirring ballads and catchy dance songs.

Barry as the oldest had been hit hardest by his brothers' passing.

Andy, the youngest Gibb brother, died in 1988 aged just 30 after years of drug abuse while Maurice died 13 years ago at the age of 53, and Robin died in 2012 at 62 after a protracted battle with cancer, Daily Mail reports.

The eldest Gibb has never spoken in public about the emotional loss he faced in seeing his younger brothers dying one by one and his recent admission shows he is clearly haunted by their deaths.

Barry also recalled how he just wanted to retreat into oblivion after Robin lost his long battle with cancer but credit various individuals in the music industry for encouraging him to continue to perform.

“I thought I was quite happy about fading away, but then the President of Columbia Records, Rob Stringer, came to see me and signed me and said: ‘We’re gonna move your ass!’ And I thought: ‘Oh well, that’s OK.’ So I’m back.”

He also talked about another famous survivor from a band who helped him through the dark days of grieving, saying Sir Paul McCartney of the iconic Beatles fame became a close friend.

“He always got me through everything. I met him for the first time at the Saville Theatre in 1967. He brought Jane Asher to see a show and he said: ‘You guys have got something, you should keep going’ and I always found that very encouraging.”

Barry celebrated his 70th birthday just last week on 1 September with radio talk show specials and features in entertainment news dailies.

On if he thinks he will ever see his brothers again — in the afterlife, Barry says, “I don’t want to question it. Don’t want to go there", inquisitr.com reports.

Story and source: Malaysian Digest

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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Paranormal activity caught on CCTV at Chicago Rock Cafe in Yeovil

If you are sceptical about the existence of ghosts perhaps footage of paranormal activity caught on camera at Chicago Rock in Yeovil could convince you.

Footage shared on Facebook by the venue clearly shows a lone figure walking around the bar and hooded figures on the dance floor.

A hive of activity since it's relaunch in 2013, the venue is used to being full to the brim with those wanting food, cocktails and dancing, with the occasional VIP guest thrown in too, yet staff both past and present have been convinced of the building's other worldly inhabitants for a long time and as we get closer to Hallowe'en it may be the case that revellers can get closer to the apparition.

"We always hear noises and footsteps down the corridors, people throwing things up against the wall," said sales executive for the venue, Trina. "We have had some really freaky incidents too. One of my colleagues was in the hallway and was saying 'clap your hands if you're there' and when she came back in to the office we heard the sound of clapping. We all locked ourselves in!"

Story and source: Somerset Live

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Is this the ghost of Oxburgh Hall?

A spooked woman has claimed to have captured the ghost of woman who reportedly went missing 500 years ago on camera at a stately home in Norfolk.

Diane Barron, 46, from Norwich, snapped what she believes is an eerie spirit on the bridge at Oxburgh Hall, a National Trust site.

Covered in misty black robes, the ghoul appears a short distance away from another visitor who was oblivious to her apparent close encounter.

Ms Barron was on a trip to the medieval family home built for courtier Sir Edmund Bedingfield in 1482.

Oxburgh Hall provided refuge for Catholic priests seeking sanctuary from the persecutions of the Protestant Queen Elizabeth I.

The hall is reputedly haunted by the ghost of a Spanish woman who mysteriously disappeared there back in the 16th century.

No further information on the circumstances of the disappearance have been posted - making it all the more mysterious.

Ms Barron spotted the unusual figure when reviewing her pictures and is certain it must be the spirit.

The daytripper, who works as a  customer adviser, is adamant that she did not edit her picture and that there was a dark figure on the bridge.

'It was just a normal day, sunny with some clouds,' she said. 'I took several pictures and there were no special events on at the hall on the day.

'It wasn't until later that I saw there was a dark figure on the bridge at the hall.

'When I first took the picture I didn't realise I had taken anything unusual but when I enlarged the picture and zoomed in it gave the chills and friends have looked at it too who have felt the same.

'At first I thought it was someone who was out of focus but as you can see people nearby are in focus.

'I enlarged the photo and sent it to several Facebook groups – there have been mixed reactions, some people thought it was someone in fancy dress, others thought it was a mark on the wall.

'But if you check pictures from the hall on Oxburgh Hall, there is no mark against the wall near the bridge.

'I can only go from the photo I took and it was not altered in any way and had not set out to change the photo.'

Varying reports have surfaced in the past about hauntings at the location.

Medium Ian Griffiths who makes psychic readings from photographs supports the belief that the spirit could be a woman who went missing.

He said: 'My guide tells me there's definitely a ghost spirit there.

'I feel it's a young woman around the age of 23 years old with long, dark brown hair who was very pretty looking.

'I feel she was around eight months pregnant and was drowned, it was something to do with struggling under the water.

'She was not married, her father worked with the Kings' horses and she's been seen on some stairs inside the castle.'

Story and source: Daily Mail

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Real Ghost Sightings Have Happened At These 11 Creepy Places In Virginia

Believe it or not, ghost sightings in Virginia are not as rare an occurrence as you might think. Whether it’s a 300-year-old building, an abandoned asylum, or another bizarre location, there are certain sites in this state that have so many ghost sightings that it almost becomes the norm. Here are 11 such places in Virginia that you can visit (if you dare!)

1. Peyton Randolph House (Williamsburg)

Not only is the Peyton Randolph House in Williamsburg considered the most haunted in Colonial Williamsburg, it's often considered the most haunted in the state. The site was built in 1715 and has since been the location of numerous ghost sightings. It seemed likely that some of the early families who lived there were almost cursed by tragedy; children were dying young and other relatives fell sick with disease. Visitors today report seeing multiple ghostly figures, whether it's an elderly woman dressed in old white or a man wandering the premises.

2. The Ferry Plantation House (Virginia Beach)

The current building that stands on this Virginia Beach property was built in 1830, although the original structure dates back as early as 1642. The property is currently owned by the City of Virginia Beach, and boasts no less than 11 ghosts. Most of these figures are the spirits of those who drowned during the early days when the house was part of the Ferry Boat Service. Others include a couple of girls, a male slave, and even a ghost cat. For those truly interested in paranormal investigation, the house is open for that very purpose; from April through August. All charges go directly to supporting the upkeep of this historic house.

3. Bacon's Castle (Surry)

Bacon's Castle is unique for its designation as one of only three Jacobean-style houses in the United States. Dating back to 1665, it's also one of the oldest structures in Virginia. It probably goes without saying that the building also has plenty of ghostly associations. Visitors have reported seeing a kind looking figure with a scarf around her head and large black eyes. Another mysterious phenomenon is a fireball suddenly appearing and then disappearing inside the house.

4. Gadsby's Tavern (Alexandria)

Located in Old Town, Alexandria, Gadsby's Tavern was built in 1785 and represented the center of many of the town's social and economic activities. It comes as no surprise that some of its earliest visitors may never have truly left. In 1816, a beautiful young woman died in the building, and her ghost continues to haunt the site. She is often seen carrying a burning lamp, walking upstairs.

5. Fort Monroe (Hampton)

The Fort Monroe National Monument is a military institution that protected the channel between Hampton and the Chesapeake Bay. The site was run by Union forces during the Civil War and was also the site where Jefferson Davis was imprisoned. Today, the site has acquired a haunted reputation, as many have reported seeing ghostly figures walking along the top of the fortress at night.

6. The Byrd Theatre (Richmond)

The historic Byrd Theatre is named after William Byrd II, an important founder of the City of Richmond. It opened in 1928 and was almost immediately known as "Richmond's Movie Palace." The theatre still runs today, offering shows at a discounted price. There are two ghosts that are commonly spotted in the theatre. One is of a little girl, who most frequently appears in the women's bathroom. The other is the spirit of Mr. Coulter, who was the theatre's manager from the time of its opening until 1971.

7. Scotchtown

The Scotchtown plantation dates back to 1717, but is perhaps most famously known for being the home of Patrick Henry from 1771-1777. Henry lived there with his wife Sarah, who suffered from mental illness and eventually died in their home in 1775. During the last two years of her life, Sarah had become violent and was confined to the basement. Visitors report seeing Sarah's ghost in some form, whether as a figure wandering both in and outside the house or simply a candlelight in the window.

8. Martha Washington Inn (Abingdon)

The beautiful Martha Washington Inn originally served as a home, built in 1832. In its history, the building has also been used as a women's college and Civil War hospital. The Inn now serves as an upscale hotel and spa, complete with six reported ghosts. Room 217 is said to be especially haunted, with a ghost by the name of Beth who apparently plays violin for her true love, a Union soldier who died on site.

9. Central State Hospital (Petersburg)

Central State Hospital was originally known as the Central Lunatic Asylum, which was a mental institution for patients "of unsound mind." It was one of the first hospitals to provide care to slaves, but only under the condition that their owners could afford it. The site ran more like a prison than a hospital, often suffering from overcrowding and misdiagnoses. It doesn't seem surprising then that apparitions of suffering patients still appear. Visitors also report hearing screams and sensing a general feeling of despair.

10. Swannanoa Palace (Afton)

The extravagant Swannanoa Palace took eight years of construction and was completed in 1912. It was the second mansion belonging to the Dooley Family (the first was Maymont in Richmond). When the owners passed away, the building was used briefly as a country club. When the Great Depression took over, the building sat vacant for years. The building remains vacant but there are plans for restoration in the works. Several accounts report that the original owners may still reside in this building - if only in spirit.

11. Staunton Train Depot (Staunton)

The history of the Staunton Train Depot dates back to over 150 years. There seems to be something of a curse associated with this particular station, as it's been plagued by fire, war, and even hit by a derailed train. Reports of hauntings include victims of these various tragedies, ghostly figures that seem to linger around the station at night.

Although ghost sightings always seem like figments of the imagination, it’s hard to discount the many claims that have originated from these sites around Virginia. If you’ve experienced anything paranormal from any of these places, be sure to share your experience!

Story and source: Only In Your State

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Terrifying footage shows woman being pushed over by 'evil ghost'

In the footage – filmed by a CCTV camera in an unknown location – the woman innocently washes her face over a small sink.

Once she has finished she shakes her hands dry over the sink and begins to walk towards the door of the dark bathroom.

But as she does so a strange presence swoops up behind her and appears to shove her in the back.

In the clip, a dark shadow can be made out seemingly following the woman before she is hit.

She manages to keep her balance but the slow-motion replay shows how the ghostly figure has caused her to trip up.

The creepy video has racked up a whopping 323,000 hits on YouTube, with thousands of viewers being left totally spooked by the clip.

One said: "How the duck am I going to sleep now?"

Another commented: "I'm so, so scared after watching this."

But this isn't the first spooky happening to haunt the internet.

A ghostly presence was captured on CCTV at a small countryside hotel in the middle of the night.

A visitor was shocked to find a picture he took at a hotel that inspired 80s horror movie The Shining featured a ghost that wasn't there when he took it.

Story and source: Daily Star

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Terrified tourist who took secret photo of 'witch temple' captured something incredibly unnerving on a chair

A terrified tourist who took a secret picture of a 'witch's temple' captured what appears to be a spooky apparition sitting down on a chair.

Lee Hart of Really Haunted UK was at the Niddry St Vaults in Edinburgh on Saturday when he says there were unexplained disturbances, including furniture being moved and missiles being lobbed at guests.

He said stones and tables appeared to move on their own, with some lobbed at members of the public.

And those who attended say that eerie shot shows clearly a spirit presence on the chair to the left.

The ghost hunters take members of the public to haunted locations, and on Saturday night had 20 guests.

"We split them into two teams, both using a ouija board at the time of the photo, around 1am."

The room where the photo was taken is, Lee says, a "genuine witches' temple that is actually still in use by modern day witches".

The 'temple' area is closed off by bars, but when the phenomena started, the group were snapping photographs and captured what Lee identifies as "the holy grail of paranormal research, a spirit manifestation".

He goes on: "On the night we had guests being touched and this incredible photo.

"We had tables going crazy, stones were being thrown at some of the guests, it was quite an active night."

After the photo was snapped, Lee says, it was "immediately shown to guests on the night to authenticate that we haven’t edited it".

Story and source: Irish Mirror

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Australia’s ‘most haunted home’

We’ve all heard ghost stories about old or abandoned houses but Lawrence Ryan and his four sisters spent their childhood growing up in Australia’s “most haunted home”: The Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee.

Mr Ryan’s mother Olive still lives in the home which is now a museum, antique centre and hub for ghost hunters from around the world.

Built by Christopher William Crawley in 1884 after he amassed a small fortune, the ornate Victorian-era home on the hill was a status symbol for the large religious family and a significant upgrade from their original modest brick home.

“My mum and dad purchased Monte Cristo, literally meaning Mount of Christ, after it fell into disrepair due to abandonment and looting in the 1960’s,” Mr Ryan said. “Dad had grown up living by the railway tracks and had always dreamed of owning a double storey home. After seeing the decline of the grand homestead he felt almost spiritual about returning it to its former glory.”

Mr Ryan’s parents Reginald and Olive already had three young girls and another on the way when they bought the house from the only surviving Crawley in 1963 for £1000. It included the rundown main house, the original brick home and servants’ quarters, stables, a wooden ballroom and acres of land.

“My dad, a tailor by trade, was a hard worker and only needed a couple of hours sleep per night,” Mr Ryan said. “He worked all day to earn money then gradually put the home and outbuildings back together in the evenings and at night.”

It was not long after they moved in that the Ryans began to experience some odd occurrences.

“One evening when mum and dad were driving back to the empty house they were both concerned by the amount of light pouring out of the windows and doors considering it had no electricity at the time,” Mr Ryan said.

“Their first thought was that the vandals were back and they were being burgled. Dad told Mum and us kids to remain in the car while he went to check it out, but on arriving at the front door, all the light immediately went out and they were plunged into darkness.”

After that first spooky incident, odd things began to happen regularly. The Ryans both heard the footsteps of a woman in heels on a verandah above them, which at that time was full of holes and unusable. They witnessed items being moved around, strange noises, voices and plenty of creepy and unexplained sensations.

In the mid 1960’s and early 1970’s, ghostly happenings were not something people regularly discussed.

“I knew growing up that my house was different but it wasn’t something we talked about, people would have thought we were weird and so we just lived with it,” Mr Ryan said.

“When I had mates over, however, no one ever wanted to go to the bathroom alone at night, so picture four 12-year-old boys holding hands in the dark! Of course we never spoke about it the next day.”

One of the creepiest events that prompted the first medium to be invited to Monte Cristo in 1977 was something that happened to Mr Ryan when he was just five years old.

“My parents were hosting a party in the ball room and as I was only little, one of my sisters took me up to bed,” he said.

“Every hour one of them would pop their head in to check on me. My youngest sister who was 12 at the time entered my room to see a bearded man sitting on the end of my bed staring at me, he then turned to give her a menacing stare.

“She screamed and ran to the party to tell my parents that there was a weird man in my room, but when they got there he was gone and I was still sound asleep. They searched the house and found nothing or no one. She described him as wearing old-fashioned clothes and they thought it was possibly Mr Crawley who has been seen in the property a number of times since.

“When she finally told me that story when I was 13 years old, it all made sense. I hated that room and had always felt like I was being watched. I never slept in the main house ever again and I still won’t.”

While the menacing Mr Crawley has been seen occasionally, it is the reclusive Mrs Crawley who is seen most often and has been heard telling visitors to “get out!”.

“Mrs Crawley lived in the house for 23 years after Mr Crawley died and was rumoured to have only left once or twice during that time,” Mr Ryan said. “The house was very much her domain and she wasn’t, and still isn’t, particularly welcoming to visitors.”

Another ghost often felt in the main house is one of the Crawley children, Magdelene, who died after a violent fall on the staircase at 18 months old.

“The rumours surrounding little Magdelene’s death include that she didn’t fall and was pushed by one of the very disgruntled servants,” Mr Ryan said.

“The Crawleys, although upstanding citizens to the outside world, were not perhaps as kind to their own staff.

“Poor Magdelene could have been a victim of revenge or could have fallen on her own accord; either way many visitors to our house cannot go into the front room due to a sense of overwhelming sadness and fear. I’ve seen grown men come out sobbing.”

It is also rumoured that the upstanding and devout Mr Crawley had affairs with many of their servants. One of the maids, supposedly pregnant, met her death on the front step of the property after falling from the front verandah. It is unclear whether she was pushed, whether she fell or took her own life but she has been heard and seen quite frequently, Mr Ryan explained.

“The footsteps that mum and dad first heard on the collapsed verandah are thought to be that of the tragic maid,” he said.

Mr Ryan, now a professional stuntman, is still a regular at his mum’s place and returns to Monte Cristo most weekends with his partner Sophia, a medium, to welcome the ghost tours.

“I love showing people from all over Australia around our home and letting them decide for themselves whether or not they believe,” he said.

“While many people come away feeling unsettled, many others just have a great time.

“Either way, Monte Cristo is a beautiful historical building that my parents worked very hard to bring back to life. I am still incredibly proud and thankful to be able to call it my home, however spooky it may be.”

Story and source: Wollondilly Advertiser

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Chilling CCTV footage shows ghostly apparitions dart across haunted pub

Julie Cooper, of The Don War Memorial Bar in County Durham, was checking the video on her phone when she was startled by the eerie objects.

The video appears to capture a black shape darting across in front of the cameras not long after the lights switch off and on suddenly.

Julie turned her phone off in horror when she saw the paranormal activity.

She said: “A band was practising upstairs, and just as one of them walked through the door to go downstairs, the lights all went out.

“Then when they come back on a black shadow passes in front of the cameras one after the other. Just before the lights go out you can see a shadow walking across the top left corner.

“The Don War Memorial Bar upstairs has always had a nice feeling, even more so now that we have put all the photos up of our people who have lost there lives while serving.

“When I close on a night and there’s only me, no lights on, I say good night to them, thinking of them for a while before closing the doors. There really is such a sense of peace."

Julie, who says she has also taken a photograph of a human shape passing in front of a emergency light, said that her staff had been left terrified by ghosts.

She said: “Downstairs though is a different matter - there’s something that’s not right.

“I think my staff are afraid to go downstairs for stock and will not go down unless all the lights are on. It doesn’t really bother me as I’m used to it.

Story and source: Daily Star

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Investigation Report - Grendon Hall, Northamptonshire

MVPI Case Ref: MVP/1624/16
Entry Dated: 02/04/2016
By: Rob Dennis

Brief Summary:
The Hall, formerly the manor-house, is on the north side of the village, near Nether End, on the road to Wollaston. It is a 17th-century two-story house greatly altered in the 18th century, when the principal or east front, which has slightly projecting end wings, was rebuilt in Corby and Ketton stone. It is a simple but very pleasing design, with square-headed windows, drafted quoins, wooden modillion cornice, and slated hipped roofs. The windows have architraves and heavily barred sashes painted white, and the squareheaded doorway has a circular hood supported on brackets. The 18th-century facing is continued along the shorter south front, but the longer north front remains substantially unaltered and retains its mullioned windows. There is a partly panelled open staircase and two of the bedrooms contain tapestry. To the northeast of the house are the stables and dovecote, the latter a rectangular limestone structure with gables east and west, and square wooden cupola, apparently of 17th century date.

Grendon Hall – 20 room manor house with converted stable, dovecote and walled gardens.  Site now in use as an outdoor activities centre.  MVPI set up equipment all focussed on the first floor.  CCTV was later set up covering a connecting walkway between the rear staircase and the front staircase where earlier activity was detected.

Of all the incidents of note Andy, Paul and I were mainly working together for the whole evening.  We began in Room 1 on the first floor.  Andy used the Ovulus, Paul was using the spirit box and I arranged a few EMF devices and a trigger object.  I felt that I was being drawn to a year in time along with a reference to cavalry.  The was one incident where floor boards on the first floor could be heard but after going to find the source no plausible explanation could be offered.  I went into adjoning rooms as well as up the front staircase but no one in room 1 reported on my return any sort of noise that would explain what we had heard.  After a few further attempts at communication  we felt that we had spent sufficient time in that Room and moved on to Room 2 next door.

Room 2 was not very interesting and I felt personally nothing was of interest in this room.  After a few minutes in here we decided to move on.  We made our way off the first floor at 2120 hours via the front staircase, as we opened the door onto the staircase Andy, Paul and I all heard a clear female voice say “WOO HOO”, all three of us confirmed we heard this independently and I called over the radio to see if any team member had made that noise.  No one other than Grahame Young was on the first floor and the other teams all confirmed no one had made that noise.  Andy identified that there was a ladies shower room on that floor so we went in there.  I left Andy alone in the room while I set off and got a Full Spectrum Camera and EMF device.  When I returned Andy reported feeling that he was not alone in the room and described a definite cold spot he experienced in the shower room.  I set up the F/S in the window pointing down and to the right towards the shower cubicles and aiming at an EMF device on the floor. (Sasha revealed later in the evening the same type of sensation in this room, there had been no prior discussion about this experience)

During this period also we spoke with Grahame and his group who reported that prior to our radio message about the female voice they heard footsteps along the first floor connecting walkway and were in the process of trying to debunk this by walking along that area in various different way (heavy footed, sneaking, with and without footwear).

Andy, Paul and I decided to make our way from the first floor down to the ground floor via the front staircase when at 2140 hours all three of us stopped as we heard a male voice say “WOAH”, again I called over the radio for any team member who called out this word but no one responded that they were responsible.  On both occasions with the location as it was and the fact that all members had been accounted for and only one member of staff was on premises in a disconnected building to the investigation site we could not find any plausible explanation at the time for these two occurences.


Andy, Paul and I after coffee set up in Room 8C on the second floor.  Room 8B was occupied by Sadie and her team.  Both rooms were separated by a stud wall forming bedrooms.  The floor boards connect between both rooms without any break at the foot of the stud wall.  There is a wall mounted light on the wall along with a Central Heating Radiator.  There was no heating on in this part of the building.  The room was cold but it had no carpet (which 8B did have) as well as a single pane lead window which looked out onto the gardens.

In this room I used a pendulum and a glass in order to attempt communication and invited any energies to use this as a means of doing so.  I invited a single tap on the glass as YES and two for NO.  I ascertained from this experiment a male energy, deceased during WWI as a result of a single gunshot wound to the chest.  Andy using the Ovulus came up with a name 'PAUL', the pendulum gave a confirmatory YES.  There were several questions then around this persons existence in the physical plane, he was unmarried, had no children, had received award and was happy for us to be here.  The Ovulus warned of DISASTER, GRAY and WATER.  Upon research the next day I found the following:

On 29 August 1876, a battle took place between local farmers and their men over water rights. The scene was commemorated in a poem by a local poet.

There was also elevated EMF readings found on two of the K2 meters one was on a shelf above a radiator and one on the bed opposite.  No physical source of EMF could be found to account for the activity on the bed, however we found that a cable running through the stud wall may have accounted for some of the activity from the radiator one.  It should be noted that this K2 meter for ¾ of the time in Room 8C was dormant and presented no readings whatsoever, but we cannot rule out possible man made sources at this time.  The  K2 on the bed cannot be as readily explained away.  There were also footsteps outside the room coming from directly outside 8C near the door but when Andy opened the door there was no one standing anywhere on that landing and after further investigation I found that the team next door were in no position to stand where the noises were coming from due to there being a bed in that area.  That team were using equipment linked to an XBOX Kinect and they reported not long before I came into the room that the device had detected someone sat on the bed.


Based on the investigation, experiences, the experiences fed back on the the night and some early research without reviewing the physical evidence as yet, this site has to be regarded as being of Significant Paranormal Interest.  If nothing else happened on the whole event other than those two witnessed voices this would warrant further investigation at a later date and on that one we would also be able to involve better coverage and experimentation around this venue.

For further info on Grendon Hall see HERE.http://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/northants/vol4/pp249-252#h3-0002

Is this a GHOST pedalling a bicycle? Spooky footage shows the wheel spinning around even though nobody is near it

This is the spooky moment the pedals and wheel of a bicycle begin spinning around - even though it is chained up and nobody is standing near it.

The chilling clip, thought to have been filmed in Thailand, was posted to Facebook and has already been viewed more than 85,000 times.

And after going viral online, many people say they suspect the unexplained movement of the bike could be down to a ghost.

The clip starts showing the bicycle in a yard to chain to the ground as a shadowy figure hangs over it.

Eventually the pedals start to move around and the back wheel of the bike starts spinning furiously.

And all of this happens despite the fact there is no rider sitting on top.

Later to add to the unexplained event, a bucket sitting on top of a flat table can be seen tipping over and falling to the floor.

The footage then ends with a man coming out of a house and into the back yard, seeming confused as to why the bucket has fallen on the floor.

He then picks it up and puts it back on the table before going back into the house.
People viewing the footage were quick to comment on Facebook with many claiming it must be the work of an 'invisible man' or 'ghost'.

But others were less convinced, with one saying: 'Fake. Do not be so stupid. Just hook everything up with wires. Anything can move.'

Story and source: Daily Mail

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Ghost hunter left with rope burns claims she was STRANGLED by evil spirit

Gran-of-24 Carol Fieldhouse was probing spooky sightings at a former ropery building in Hull, Yorks, when she developed the strange marks on her throat.

The medium said she detected an evil presence in the former industrial building and hopes to return there to find out just what tried to strangle her.

Carol, from Pontefract, Yorks, said: "When I got into one of the rooms, straight away we were being pinched, punched and grabbed.

"I went two steps in and felt a presence in there – if it could speak, it would have said 'get out'."

Carol then blacked out.

When she came to, her neck felt like it was burning and when she looked at it there was a big rope mark on the left hand side of her neck.

She said: "Later another mark appeared on the right hand side – it went all the way round in a complete circle and felt like a rope round my neck.

"I couldn't sleep for a good few hours when I got home."

The three-storey ropery building, believed to be more than 200 years old, is located on Hull's historic docks and used to make ropes for fishermen.

The bottom floor of the building, which is also rumoured to have been built on a Jewish graveyard, still houses a company.

But the upper two floors are derelict.

When the ghosthunters reached a back room on the second floor – later assessed by Carol as being the only room in the building which had not been altered – the mark appeared.

Photos of the medium taken during the hunt appear to show an inch-thick red mark around her neck, which Carol said was visible first on the left side of her neck and later on the right also.

Carol runs the 30 East Drive paranormal group and has lived next door to the Pontefract home – said to be one of the most haunted in the UK – for 29 years.

She is now going back to the ropery to probe the ghost she claims attacked her.

"Nothing puts me off – I need answers and want to know what it was and why it did that," she added.

Story and source: Daily Star

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Woman's home 'haunted by ghost of Jack the Ripper who burns bibles and attacks her in her sleep'

A woman who has lived in the same house for 36 years says she has been repeatedly attacked and tormented by a ghost calling himself Jack the Ripper.

Gaynor Issitt said she has even been dragged out of bed by her ankles, punched and whacked round the head by the thuggish spook.

The terrifying tale has convinced paranormal investigator Mark Vernon that it's the real Jack the Ripper and he's back on the attack in Leicestershire.

Mr Vernon discovered the evil entity six months ago, when he went to explore the Ripper's latest alleged target in Braunstone.

Ms Issitt has called in countless priests and paranormal experts over the years - and she said most run screaming from the spooky property.

But when ghost buster Mr Vernon visited, he told the 58-year-old that the evil spirit that's been battering her is none other than Jack the Ripper.

According to her, the angry ghost also burns bibles, and takes a particular dislike to religious people.

The mum-of-two, a former carer, said: "The ghosts have been here for as long as I've lived here - the man that used to live here told me they were here before me too.

"One in particular is very violent and aggressive.

"I've been dragged out of bed by my ankles, punched all over, whacked round the head.

"But I'll never move out - I love my home, all my kids were brought up here and I won't be bullied out by a ghost.

"We've had priests and exorcists and all sorts over the years, but nothing makes a difference - so I've just learned to live with it."

Gaynor is now living in the house alone, after her partner Andrew Belton, 43 - who has also been attacked by the poltergeist - moved to a care home after an accident that left him paralysed.

When Mr Vernon, 51, first visited, he said: "I caught a rather strange anomaly on camera.

"She was still getting attacked all the time when I first met her, and six months later she still is - it's constant abuse.

"I've heard the ghost talk - it's a voice with a cockney accent. I've had experiences with entities with cockney accents before, and they're usually nasty.

"I have a spiritual bodyguard called Kara, and she looks after me on investigations.

"Gaynor's had other people go in who run out screaming, with gashes over their body needing hospital treatment.

"It's the nasty ghosts I really like to go for - Gaynor has countless ghosts, but one in particular is really violent.

"He told me he's Jack the Ripper - I've done a background check, and there is a Jack the Ripper suspect called Frederick Deeming. He was executed in Australia, but he's from the Leicestershire area originally.

"Frederick Bailey Deeming lived close to Gaynor as did a man called Robert James Lees, who was a spiritualist who worked for Scotland Yard investigating the Ripper murders.

"Lees came into a lot of money after the killing stopped, but he never talked about the investigation.

"Deeming meanwhile was hanged in Australia having confessed to murdering his wife and is still widely regarded as the main suspect in the Whitechapel murders.

"But poltergeists do like to lead you on, and tell you a few fibs.

"I'm planning to go back to the house with a full team next time.

"I don't deal with fakery but I have been to Gaynor's before and I can say 100 per cent she is genuine.

"I feel sorry for what she has gone through, I have never seen a house with so much activity going on.

"I know of people who have come out of there not just with scratches but with gashes on their arm.

"This is one nasty ghost. It could be Jack The Ripper, it could be a relative of his, or it could just be a spirit telling lies.

"Either way I'm going in this weekend to find out once and for sure."

Frederick Bailey Deeming was an Australian gas fitter and was born in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics., in 1853.

Deeming lived in Britain in the 1880s, settling in Rainhill near Liverpool where he was later discovered to have killed his first wife and their four children.

He later emigrated to Melbourne, where he was eventually hanged in Old Melbourne Gaol in 1892 for the murder of his second wife.

Afterwards, it was widely speculated, and still is to this day, that Deeming committed the slashing murders of 11 women in Whitechapel, London between 1888 and 1891.

Story and source: The Mirror

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Can you see ghosts in this picture, captured inside a haunted theatre?

Can you see ghosts in this picture?

Taken in the historic Darlington Civic Theatre , which is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, the photograph appears to have captured two ghostly figures sitting in the stalls.

So what do you think?

Well the theatre’s marketing officer, Julian Cound, said it came as no surprise to him.

“There are many stories of ghosts being seen and heard on several occasions,” he is reported to have said.

“I was once on my own in dressing room 12 when I heard a child crying, I knew the stories so didn’t feel scared.

“Maybe there are other explanations but it’s nice to think that these ghosts want to stay around and love the theatre so much they don’t want to leave it.”

Talking about the photograph, taken by a contractor working on the refurbishment of the Edwardian building , he added: “I don’t think the people that took the photos felt fear, but there was a bit of surprise there.”

Darlington Civic Theatre is a popular spot with ghost hunters , who have been known to spend the night at the theatre in the hope of spotting one of its ghosts .

They include the ghost of Senor Rino Pepi, the theatre’s first managing director, who died hours before ballerina Anna Pavlova took to the stage in November 1927, and stagehand Jimbo who is said to revisit the spot backstage where he died, tangled in ropes following an accident.

Meanwhile Victorian child Arabelle is said to haunt dressing room 12. It is believed that she is from a building that existed on the site before the theatre and has been heard sobbing.

Others include Jimmy the Flyman, who is said to haunt the areas above the stage, Gordon the old Stage Door keeper, and perhaps the most unusual spirit, a little Pekinese dog believed to be the dog that Rino Pepi brought here in 1907 who has been seen running around the theatre.

Story and source: Gazette Live

Monday, 5 September 2016

Ex-cop fired after reporting seeing ghosts reaches settlement

A former Department of Veteran Affairs cop who lost his job after he reported seeing ghosts at the New Jersey hospital he was assigned to has reached a settlement with the agency, his lawyer said.

It rescinds Valdo Vaher’s 2014 firing and allows him to retire, wipes out all disciplinary charges against him and awards him back pay.

Vaher, 50, was sacked after he gave an interview to The Post claiming that the East Orange VA Hospital was haunted.

“This seems strange to some people, but for religious Catholics like myself, many feel as I do about this — that there are spirits in the world and they sometimes show themselves and are more likely to be doing this in and around hospitals, where people suffer and die,” he said in the interview.

After the story was published he was fired, ostensibly because he fell asleep at work, improperly used a worker computer and refused to submit to psychological testing.

It was the second time he’d been fired – that first time was in 2013 for alleged disciplinary infractions that he claimed were bogus. A federal judge agreed with his claim that he lost his job because he was a whistle blower after reporting misconduct by his superiors.

Speaking about the latest case, his lawyer, Alan Wolin, said the VA “saw the error of its ways and settled the case.’’

Vaher said, “I’m very happy at how things turned out and that my record has finally been cleared.”

Story and source: New York Post

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Investigation Report - Potton Wood

Report Last Updated: 07/11/2015

Entry Dated: 24/09/14
By: Rob Dennis

I heard a name 'Jim' come from the lower treeline area of the wood in line with where the crash site would have been.  There were no other persons on the site and we had accounted for everyones location on site and possible cross contamination with conflicting conversations.  Nobody else heard this sound so this is going to have to go down as personal experience.  Further research after investigation shows that W.O Jim POTTER died in the crash on 18th September 1945.  

Entry Dated: 24/09/14
By: Rob Dennis

During a test session where I played Glenn Miller music from my iphone I saw a grey misty shape appear about 15' in front of me walking from LEFT to RIGHT towards the treeline.  No one else saw this phenomena - written up as personal experience.

Entry Dated: 24/09/14
By: Rob Dennis

During our investigation there was an occasion where I looked to my right and past Sasha down her LEFT hand side I saw a 5'6" figure standing next to her.  It was dark in shape and was stood with its arms down its side.  I told Sasha of this as I stood back to try to get my bearings and see if I could debunk it.  At this point XXXXX took a photograph and then claimed he saw something standing behind Sasha and to my LEFT.  Sasha claimed to have had the experience of feeling like something had covered her face prior to my experience of seeing whatever was next to her initially.  There were several debunk attempts at this cluster of experiences but no explanation could be reached.

Entry Dated: 24/09/14
By: Rob Dennis

While walking away from the site XXXXX said he felt like we were being followed and he turned and shone his torch up the field in line with the horizon of the curve of the field and I saw a figure dressed in grey/blue standing in the torch beam.  XXXXX also saw this figure along with Sasha.  No other person/s were present and we could reach no conclusion as to what had made this happen.

Graham Matthew's Background Info

My story is a bit different. I got involved in Ghost investigations by chance in 1999 when a friend was starting up a small TV production company. 

Whilst looking for ideas for TV programmes another friend invited me on one of his investigations (pub in the Bedford area). I could see the potential for a TV programme and drafted a basic idea on paper. 

What followed was the formation of our own group, a series of research investigations and then a TV deal for 9 broadcast programmes under the title of the Ghost Detectives.

 For various reasons too boring to describe here the TV shows dried up. I carried on with my own group 'Night Watch UK'. 

The team comprised mostly of the TV investigators plus others who joined us. Between 2001 - 2006 we were regularly investigating any location rumoured to have ghosts which included museums, castles, stately homes, old mills, pubs, clubs and a few private houses all over the country. 

We were always evidence driven and thus kept the location of the investigation secret until the last minute. We worked slightly differently to MVPI in that all investigators worked in pairs, plotting their findings onto a floor plan, sharing their evidence only at the end of the night, which always concluded with a seance. 

Due to work pressures I had to close the group in 2006 but maintained my links to my friends and kept all the 'evidence' we gathered. The strangest thing I discovered is that far more action happens when the cameras are off, or if (as we did on several occasions) we carried out a continuous 5 day 24 hour round the clock investigation. 

All our best activity happened on day 4 or 5. MVPI I challenge you.....

Written by Graham Matthews

Marston Vale Paranormal Investigation History

When we set up MVPI back in 2009 as a hobby group, we had no idea that it would grow to the size it is now.  We started with an old voice recorder and a Samsung Digimax 103 (A camera that no longer works but still sits on my shelf) now we hold approximately £2000 worth of equipment.

We quickly realised that this was a vastly unknown pastime and so with every investigation me and Gavin Truslove would research and verify any findings we accumulated.  We quickly found many plausible explanations and with Martin Ward on board we set about compiling every natural source of 'orb' creating matter and photographed it in the grounds of Someries Castle, Bedfordshire.

By 2010 we had covered 23 investigations and of those 23 only three stood out as being as we categorise them as being of 'significant paranormal interest'.  These places were Segenhoe Church, Brogborough Manor Farm and Sopwell Nunnery.  I remember calling Gav while he was in Southampton as I first discovered the EVP “James is the only...”, that was an exciting discovery and one that pretty much set in stone that this is what we were after.

By 2011 three became six with the addition of Datchworth, Tewin and a pub in North Bedfordshire.

Marston Vale Paranormal is a strong team, its a great team and having worked with other teams I feel that we have the best team.  We are striding into the next year with a strong internet presence thanks to my brother in law Peter, and along with him has come a lot of tools that I can use to get evidence out to the team to review and send back anything that may prove to be paranormal (Google Drive is brilliant for this and will save time). Evidence review is king, its what makes the hours of being in the field worthwhile, I am going to need a team of people who will give time to look at video and audio footage to find those nuggets of evidence that tie in with what we experienced in the field.  Marston Vale Paranormal is a well respected and very well known brand, we always hear people tell us how they know about us and have seen the van with the stickers, or the twitter page of Facebook page.

So, back in 2009 would I have ever dreamed that my little hobby with my son Isaac and best friend Gav ever turn into the team and reputation we have today...no did I heck as like

Written by Rob Dennis, Co-Founder of MVPI

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Do you think Crosbie Towers are haunted?

Could Crosbie Towers, which has sat on the Fullarton estate since the 16th century be haunted?

One group of explorers think this might be the case when they got more than they bargained for when they decided to peer inside a few years ago.

One member of the group, Michael McKean, told his story to the Ayr Advertiser and Troon Times: "In May 2012, a group of friends and I ventured inside the then-abandoned Crosbie Towers, in late evening."

Don't worry this did not involve breaking and entering, as there was no front gate, and a back door was open.

Michael continued: "We never made it up to the second floor, as we heard a huge bang on the staircase which petrified us.

"Also, a friend took a photo of one of the back windows, and it appears to show a white face looking out at us. This face, or whatever it is, never appeared in other photos of that same window.

"Now, it may have been a homeless person or something else that can be explained, but it also might not have been. I leave this to the reader to decide.

"We didn't just go to the house once, but quite a number of times. On the other occasions, we never heard or saw anything very strange, apart from a very creepy dentist's chair in one of the lower rooms."

A few months ago Michael decided to research, in depth, the history of the house. He knew it had previously been a care home in the latter part of the 20th century, but the history prior to that seemed cloudy.

Michael discovered the house originally belonged to a Mr. Alexander Walker, a whisky-maker, and not Mr. Thomas Hood as stated on some articles surrounding the house. Mr Walker's wife, Isabella McKemmie, died in the house in 1902.

He concluded: "Perhaps fittingly, the house shares its namesake with a local cemetery, Crosbie Kirkyard."

The castle is known to have been rebuilt at least three times over the years. The ruins today mainly represent the dungeon of the old castle. Do you agree? Could Crosbie Towers really be haunted?

Story and source: Carrick Herald

One of the UK's oldest pubs demands its ghost back after it was 'stolen' by Chinese artist

A pub that has stood at the same spot in Bolton since at least 1251 is asking for its ghost back – after a Chinese artist "stole" the spectre and put it in an exhibition. Ye Olde Man & Scythe was first mentioned in records in 1251 but the exact date of its founding is uncertain.

The Seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley, is said to have spent his last few hours sitting in the pub before being executed in 1644, during the English Civil War.

His ghost was said to haunt the pub, with footage alleging to show the spirit coming out in 2014.

But a Chinese artist, Lu Pingyuan, claims to have stolen the ghost and sealed him in a metal canister, which is being exhibited at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in nearby Manchester.

The description of the exhibit says that on learning the story of Stanley and the pub "Lu Pingyuan was inspired to attempt to catch the ghost of this historical figure – a symbolic act in reaction to the UK's colonialist past, which saw great losses of both tangible and intangible cultural assets by other nations."

The pub's owner told theboltonnews.co.uk that he was not happy when he learned of Lu's claims and wrote him a letter. "I would have liked to have been privy to your actions and indeed to the exhibition before the ghost of James Stanley was taken out of Bolton, his ties to the town and to Ye Olde Man and Scythe run very deeply," it read.

In the letter, the owner said that he was happy for Lu's exhibition to travel but that he wanted to be sure the ghost of James Stanley would "return home" after the tour – even saying he would donate the chair that Stanley sat on before his execution as long as both the chair and ghost were returned at the end.

Lu told the site that he would prefer to discuss the future after the exhibit with the ghost and see "whether he would prefer to stay like this, as a piece of art, or go back to the Ye Olde Man & Scythe."

Story and source: IB Times

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Macclesfield landlord claims FOURTEEN ghosts live at his pub

Sean Hutchinson from the Bate Hall pub says he andhis wife have been plagued by ghosts since moving there two years ago.

A landlord claims his pub is one of the most haunted in Britain – but some of its ‘14 ghosts’ are not so friendly.

Sean Hutchinson, who runs the Bate Hall on Chestergate, says he and his young family have been plagued by spirits – of the paranormal kind – ever since moving in to the town’s oldest pub two years ago.

But while three-year-old daughter Mia is happy to play ‘hide and seek’ with a young boy ghost, Sean says another ghost called Richard has told him he wants to kill him.

Sean, 44, says his claims are backed up by paranormal investigators who visited the building.

He said: “I’ve been told by the Wythenshawe Paranormal Investigation team that there are at least 14 spirits upstairs.

“There’s one ghost called Richard who wants to kill me – I know because he told me. He said ‘kill you’.

“I’ve never seen him but hear his voice and we hear really loud bangs like a truck hitting the pub when he’s there.

“It got really bad when my wife was pregnant and when I asked if it was him he replied: ‘obviously’.

“I intend to put myself in harm’s way for him when the investigators come.”

He added: “I’ve heard a woman screaming. We also have a small boy that plays hide and seek with my three-year-old daughter, Mia – one of my darts players saw him and it scared him half to death.”

The pub, which dates back to 1525, is believed to have once had Oliver Cromwell as a guest, has a Jacobean staircase and priest holes that served as hiding places for Catholic priests.

The staircase is also reported to have marks at the top which Sean says are from when the Witch of Macclesfield, the Grey Lady, was hanged.

He also unearthed an old rope which he believes was used to hang her.

But Sean says he and wife Georgie are not scared of the ghosts and have experienced paranormal activity before.

He said: “I’m used to ghosts, but the scariest thing is speaking to them through the investigators’ machines. I was shocked to hear so many voices.”

Sean, who is also dad to Alfie, has now arranged for a second team of paranormal investigators to assess the building.

Andrew Elson from the Haunted Company, who visited the pub in June, said: “This is one of the most haunted public houses we’ve been to.

“When I held the rope that Sean found when he was doing building work I felt like I was being strangled.”

Story and source: Macclesfield Express

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