Thursday, 8 September 2016

Is this a GHOST pedalling a bicycle? Spooky footage shows the wheel spinning around even though nobody is near it

This is the spooky moment the pedals and wheel of a bicycle begin spinning around - even though it is chained up and nobody is standing near it.

The chilling clip, thought to have been filmed in Thailand, was posted to Facebook and has already been viewed more than 85,000 times.

And after going viral online, many people say they suspect the unexplained movement of the bike could be down to a ghost.

The clip starts showing the bicycle in a yard to chain to the ground as a shadowy figure hangs over it.

Eventually the pedals start to move around and the back wheel of the bike starts spinning furiously.

And all of this happens despite the fact there is no rider sitting on top.

Later to add to the unexplained event, a bucket sitting on top of a flat table can be seen tipping over and falling to the floor.

The footage then ends with a man coming out of a house and into the back yard, seeming confused as to why the bucket has fallen on the floor.

He then picks it up and puts it back on the table before going back into the house.
People viewing the footage were quick to comment on Facebook with many claiming it must be the work of an 'invisible man' or 'ghost'.

But others were less convinced, with one saying: 'Fake. Do not be so stupid. Just hook everything up with wires. Anything can move.'

Story and source: Daily Mail



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