Saturday, 10 September 2016

Chilling CCTV footage shows ghostly apparitions dart across haunted pub

Julie Cooper, of The Don War Memorial Bar in County Durham, was checking the video on her phone when she was startled by the eerie objects.

The video appears to capture a black shape darting across in front of the cameras not long after the lights switch off and on suddenly.

Julie turned her phone off in horror when she saw the paranormal activity.

She said: “A band was practising upstairs, and just as one of them walked through the door to go downstairs, the lights all went out.

“Then when they come back on a black shadow passes in front of the cameras one after the other. Just before the lights go out you can see a shadow walking across the top left corner.

“The Don War Memorial Bar upstairs has always had a nice feeling, even more so now that we have put all the photos up of our people who have lost there lives while serving.

“When I close on a night and there’s only me, no lights on, I say good night to them, thinking of them for a while before closing the doors. There really is such a sense of peace."

Julie, who says she has also taken a photograph of a human shape passing in front of a emergency light, said that her staff had been left terrified by ghosts.

She said: “Downstairs though is a different matter - there’s something that’s not right.

“I think my staff are afraid to go downstairs for stock and will not go down unless all the lights are on. It doesn’t really bother me as I’m used to it.

Story and source: Daily Star



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