Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Family spooked when 13-year-old finds ghostly apparition in a selfie taken during a fishing trip

Is this the ghostliest photobomb of all time?

A 13-year-old girl who took a selfie while fishing with family in Tifton, Georgia may have one spooky catch on her hands.

'Notice my son Kolton in the background and then notice the gentleman standing to his right!!!' wrote Jessica Ogletree about her daughter Haley's photo, which she posted to Facebook.

The photo shows a smiling Haley on a boat, and behind her is brother Kolton, who is bending over in a green shirt and cap, and next to him what appears to be the smiling face of a gentleman wearing a cap and possibly a suit ... only no such person was there.

'Ya'll, this gentleman was NOT with them today and there was no one else at these back ponds where they were fishing! The only people there today were Haley, Kolton, and their grandparents...Haley was going back through her pictures and saw this and needless to say freaked out and called me lol!' wrote the startled mother.

Jessica suspects the reason the ghostly man showed up is because it was Kolton's birthday, and he caught his 'biggest fish he's ever caught' and the 'dead man' wanted to express his approval.

The photo has been shared over 3,000 thousand times since Saturday and received over 1,000 comments. There are plenty of believers - as well as skeptics. Many seemed to feel the picture was deliberately faked.

'I'm a believer and I've seen and photographed, but I'm not one to fall for baloney. The "figure" looks almost perforated, as does the shadow on the guys shirt. I can think of a few ways this would be done, but I don't think it's real. Not discrediting anyone, it just looks like a trick,' wrote Mandy Smith.

'There is definitely a man there. Not sure why or how, but it's real,' wrote Emily Leann Blunt, representing the opposite end of the spectrum.

Some were worried about the 'ghost's means to an end. 'That is freaky, I hope he wasn't murdered there and can't rest,' said Sandra Rusk.

'Hummmm.... I would do some research on the area. History as well as missing persons, you never know if the other side is trying to tell you something,' said Mae West, also concerned that the 'ghost' may have met an untimely end.

Some people began speculating about who the ghost was and even posted pictures of a deceased man he resembled. One woman circled two more ghosts she claimed were hovering in the background trees. Still others posted photos of their own ghostly photobombs.

One thing is for sure, if the 'ghost' is real, his grin shows he was definitely in a good mood that day.

Story and source: The Daily Mail

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