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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Footage Of Mysterious Felda Ghost Giving A Surprise Visit To The Police Goes Viral

Over the past few days, there have been heated discussions over a viral video recording showing a white apparition 'paying a visit' to a few auxiliary police officers on night duty.

The video posted to user Ely Bpm Facebook page on November 15 had been widespread, and shared with over 10,000 users thus far.

However, some users deem the resurfaced clip was believed to have taken place around year 2004-2005, while others said it was recorded at least five years ago.

In the two minute clip, one of the officers zoomed in to the window where an apparition appeared to be watching them, and staring straight to the camera.

While the other officers were playing chess, the officer recording screamed in fright at the sight of the white apparition they believed to be a ‘pontianak’ (vampire).

According to sources, the footage was taken in the Felda Lepar Hilir 7 in Pahang.

Many have however doubted the encounter which evidently occured past midnight, perhaps even skeptical of such supernatural occurrences.

Story and source: Malaysian Digest

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Ghost hunters capture spooky ‘woman in black’ phantom figure at one of Britain’s most haunted buildings

Ghost hunters claim to have captured a spooky ‘woman in black’ phantom figure at one of Britain’s most haunted buildings.

Julie Cockroft, 55, was at the 14th century Bolling Hall in Bradford, West Yorkshire, when a member of her team said they saw an apparition of an ‘old maid’ in an apron.

Seizing the opportunity, Julie, from Wakefield, grabbed her camera and began snapping the empty stairwell and noticed something haunting in the first image.

It appears to show a woman dressed in black making her way down the stairs, while a hand seemingly holds onto the bannister, with fingers clinging to the rail.

In the following two pictures she took, the woman was gone.

Julie, who runs Equinox Paranormal Research UK, said: “I take three pictures at a time to compare them just in case, so that I can always check to see what differences there are between the images.

“One member of our team said they had seen a woman in black on the stairs. So I said right, let’s all go to the door so that there was only me there.

“I took the three photos just like usual and there she was. I didn’t see anything with my own eyes at all near the stairs.

“I thought it was fantastic, as suspected paranormal pictures go, it’s a really good picture.

“The guest who saw the woman said she had a white apron on around her waist and a black dress underneath.

“It does look possibly like an old servant or maid. But I have no idea really.

“I have sent it to many experts who have seen all kinds of paranormal photos and have even analysed it on their expensive machinery and they say it’s definitely a ghost hand that you can see on the stairs. Everyone say it’s fantastic.

“[On the night], people had seen lots of orbs and heard lots of noises and voices etc, but no one else has come forward to say they caught anything on camera.

“But spotting this certainly doesn’t scare me off investigating – quite the opposite, it makes me want to do more.

“The picture is pretty high up in terms of pictures of the paranormal. I have been told by so-called ‘experts’ that it’s one of the best they have ever seen.

“What you have to do is really try to debunk every picture before you put it out there and say ‘look at this’. You can’t just put any old rubbish out there.

“But that’s exactly what we did here. No one was in the building at all when we took the picture, we had brought everyone out of the front door. Even the staff were stood behind me at the front door.

“If it is a person and not something paranormal then they have a terrible skin condition on their hand, that’s for sure.”

Bolling Hall is regarded as one of the most ‘active’ buildings in Yorkshire and has featured on numerous TV shows including Most Haunted with Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah.

During the English Civil War, the hall was a stronghold for the Royalist cause in 1643 and legend has it a ghost appeared to one of the commanders to tell him to ‘pity poor Bradford’.

Story and source: The Sun

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Smiling Ghost Photobombs Paranormal Investigation of Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage

There are good ghost photos, and then there are fantastic ones, and a set of pictures snapped during a recent investigation of the abandoned Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage in Liverpool are a perfect example of the latter. The images, which were captured during the Haunted Happenings public investigation this past spring, are some of the creepiest to hit the internet this year.

The Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage is a 99,000 square-foot labyrinth of corridors, hallways, hospital wards, chapels and mortuaries, and when you consider the building’s turbulent, 138-year history, it’s no surprise the location is crawling with paranormal activity. The institution opened its doors in 1874 to 321 orphaned children, all of whom lived in the building under some pretty cruel conditions. At its peak, there were over a thousand kids living together inside the cold, grey building, often neglected and uncared for.

Since it’s closure, paranormal teams have flocked to the hospital hoping to make contact with the spirits inside, and many of them have been successful, experiencing phenomena that range from from hearing the phantom sounds of children laughing to witnessing tall shadow figures skulking up and down the abandoned corridors. Its not uncommon for visitors to report the sensation of being watched, or to even feel their clothing or hair being gently tugged at by a pair of unseen hands.

One of the most common reports include that of “a small child on the top floor corridor and shadowy figures on Ward G”, and brave investigators who sneak down to the basement have recorded mysterious dragging noises emanating from the Dining Room, even when the room is clear.

The latest piece of spooky evidence comes from a group of 29 investigators who recently spent the night exploring the dark hallways in search of paranormal phenomena. It wasn’t until one of the event goers returned home from the hunt that he realized two mysterious visitors had photobombed their group photo at the end of the night. It appears that some of Newsham Park’s resident ghosts decided they wanted to take part in the fun.

“Upon inspecting the photograph yesterday morning I noticed, almost immediately, the grey girl in the center of the image, and then the face directly below her,” the amateur ghost hunter told reddit.  “If we include the grey girl and the face below her, that gives us a body count of 32 people (including the camera operator), which was impossible because there were only 30 people on the premises at the time.”

A close look at the photo shows two faces (one more clearly than the other) peeking out from between two of the investigators, both with toothy smiles that are equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

“We have not manipulated this image in anyway,” he added. “I, quite frankly, am computer illiterate, and I couldn’t successfully use Photoshop anymore than I could fly a 747.”

I don’t know about you, but I think its pretty safe to say the ghosts of Newsham Park seem to be getting a kick out of all the attention, and after that photo, there’s a very good chance they’ll be getting a heck of a lot more as ghost hunters flooding in to investigate.

Story and Source: Week in Weird

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