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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The chilling picture that left rural town convinced ghosts are REAL, sparking police probe

Police issued an appeal to identify the ‘ghost’ after the image went viral and chilled a remote town to the bone.

The spooky image of the young girl dressed in white with pale-looking skin was caught by a huntsman who had set up trailcams in the woods in Cambridge, New York, United States.

Taking to social media to ask the public if they thought it was a ghost, the image went viral online.

One poster said: “I think it’s a ghost. Why do I say that? Because look at it. It’s definitely a spirit.”

Another wrote: “I would say there’s no way that’s a ghost but that’s the kind of thing where I’d say: ‘eh, I don’t know’.”

Local paranormal investigator Tania Woodward claimed the area was a hot spot for ghostly and mysterious activity.

Police soon intervened in an attempt to identify the ghoulish figure.

Cambridge-Greenwich police chief George Bell told ABC TV news: “I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve never heard of a ghost running around the woods."

After issuing an appeal, the police man said a local businessman had come forward to say it was his granddaughter.

The man explained that he and the girl had been in the woods at the time the image was captured, and had even noticed the trailcam.

Story and source:Express

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