Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mum sets up CCTV in her garden after pranks

Priscilla, from Texas, US, said: "We put the camera up last year after having problems with some teenagers in the area throwing paper in our tree, knocking on the door and running off and things like that. So we put it up for security purposes.

"It previously films things but it's started just taking pictures, I'm not sure why.

"It is set off whenever there is movement outside and it had gone off at some unusual times. I thought it was weird so I had a look at what it had captured."

"But we were never expecting to capture anything this weird. It looks like things sticking up from the ground – lots of people are saying they are a pair of legs," she continued.

"They do look like legs so they could be but I'm not sure what they are. They are quite big and from the size on the camera they are bigger than my dog.

"At first I thought they were twigs but then I saw the foot when I looked at a close up of them. I thought that was creepy sticking out like that."

She added: "It does make you think 'where is the other half of the body?'.

"Maybe it's a gateway of some kind to the spiritual world – but that sounds very creepy."

The image has unsettled Priscilla and she now no longer walks her Chihuahua Angel around the garden for fear of seeing anything else.

The legs also appeared in the same spot in the garden that the dog has become fascinated by during walks.

She added: “I hope to God that I don't see the hands or any other body parts coming out of the ground!

"I would always take my pet dog out for a walk around the house and I would happily do it at night but every time she was trying to get into the bushes where the shape appeared on the picture.

"It's really odd, I don't know what it is about that spot that she is so interested in as there is nothing there that you can see."

"I say to her 'come on Angel' but she is always trying to get in the bushes there or sniff around the patch of grass," Priscilla continued.

"I thought it might be a cat or a possum but there was nothing there. I thought 'that's odd' but I was hoping it was not whatever was captured in that picture sticking out of the ground, but it looks like where the 'two legs' appeared that Angel keeps trying to get to.

"Now I have not been taking her for walks around the house and we have to go elsewhere as she was so fixated on that patch around the shrub."

This comes as a family installed a security camera in her driveway and were also horrified by what they found.

Story and Source: The Daily Mail

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