Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Family use hidden cameras to catch ‘ghost of an American civil war maid’ spooking their dog and claim it has forced them to sprinkle holy water through their house

This is the terrifying moment the ghost of an “American Civil War maid” was apparently caught on camera.

Bill and Cheryl Welty set up a hidden camera in their home to keep an eye on their dog when they were away.

And they claim to have captured a ghoulish figure haunting their pet cocker spaniel Abbie.

Their son Tim, 25, had been round to help fix a computer and was snapped alongside the creepy figure as he sat with his back to it.

After getting home, Bill and Cheryl got in touch to tell him about their spooky discovery.

And after showing the photograph to some religious friends the couple were given HOLY WATER to sprinkle around their house.

It is believed to be on the site of a famous American Civil War battle in Manassas, Virginia.

Story and source: The Sun

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