Thursday, 23 February 2017

Bizarre moment 'ghost pushes open heavy hospital door in spooky CCTV footage as baffled staff watch'

A bizarre CCTV video allegedly captures the moment a ghost pushes open a heavy hospital door.

Employees at the Hospital Parajón Ortiz de Famaillá in Argentina were baffled after watching the clip which appears to show the door swinging open without any human intervention.

The large door, which is not electronic, opens inwards into the building and pushed back against the concrete wall.

But there is no one to be seen in the clip as the exterior of the grounds of the hospital exposed.

Staff members now believe that the culprit behind the phantom door opening has to be a ghost.

And according to workers, it is not the first time they have experienced paranormal activity in the hospital .

Ghost sightings in corridors, strange noises and abrupt drops in temperature have all been reported by employees.

They also suggest that the spooky goings-on are much more common at night than in the day time.

Rumours circulating the hospital include the theory that the 'ghost' is a deceased doctor playing jokes on his colleagues and patiens.

Another theory is that the strange presence is a former employee who experienced a traumatic death after a difficult working life.

Story and source: Daily Mirror

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