Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Ghost hunter claims picture shows spirit of old lady haunting bungalow

A ghost hunter claims to have spotted the spirit of an old lady and her black cat haunting a bungalow in Doncaster.

Julie Cockroft, 55, managed to take two pictures of the ghost while visiting a house on her day off to pick out new granite work surfaces.

The paranormal investigator saw what appeared to be the spirit of an old lady in the neighbouring property and managed to take two pictures.

The home belonged to the kitchen seller’s daughter and was later thought to be of a distant relative called Annie with the ghost of her black cat.

‘I wasn’t even thinking about investigating anywhere – it was my day off,’ said Julie who runs Equinox Paranormal in Wakefield.

‘Suddenly when we were stood looking at the worktop he said he could see a woman in her house.

‘He was obviously quite unsettled by this as it was not his daughter.

‘I suggested we just watch her to see what she would do. But she wasn’t moving.’

The pair then managed to take a picture of the spirit, which was stood still for ten to fifteen minutes, before disappearing when they went to take a closer look.

It wasn’t the first time a spirit has  been seen in the bungalow and Julie started to investigate.

‘Apparently [his daughter] had all sorts happening in the house,’ she added. ‘Strange goings-on and people seeing things, or items being moved around.

‘During my investigation I got the name Annie – I don’t know where it came from. I asked her who Annie was and they said it was an old relative from the late 1800s.

‘They gave me a picture of her and said she was known for having a black cat.

‘What is most shocking is that in both pictures of the woman she has what is clearly a black cat on her shoulder and she looks just like the picture. I recognised her in the photo straight away.

‘I think it was meant for me to see it. She would have been there anyway that day but it is most likely no one would have noticed her if I hadn’t have been there. I think she wanted to be seen in a way.’

Story and source: Metro

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