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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mum sets up CCTV in her garden after pranks

Priscilla, from Texas, US, said: "We put the camera up last year after having problems with some teenagers in the area throwing paper in our tree, knocking on the door and running off and things like that. So we put it up for security purposes.

"It previously films things but it's started just taking pictures, I'm not sure why.

"It is set off whenever there is movement outside and it had gone off at some unusual times. I thought it was weird so I had a look at what it had captured."

"But we were never expecting to capture anything this weird. It looks like things sticking up from the ground – lots of people are saying they are a pair of legs," she continued.

"They do look like legs so they could be but I'm not sure what they are. They are quite big and from the size on the camera they are bigger than my dog.

"At first I thought they were twigs but then I saw the foot when I looked at a close up of them. I thought that was creepy sticking out like that."

She added: "It does make you think 'where is the other half of the body?'.

"Maybe it's a gateway of some kind to the spiritual world – but that sounds very creepy."

The image has unsettled Priscilla and she now no longer walks her Chihuahua Angel around the garden for fear of seeing anything else.

The legs also appeared in the same spot in the garden that the dog has become fascinated by during walks.

She added: “I hope to God that I don't see the hands or any other body parts coming out of the ground!

"I would always take my pet dog out for a walk around the house and I would happily do it at night but every time she was trying to get into the bushes where the shape appeared on the picture.

"It's really odd, I don't know what it is about that spot that she is so interested in as there is nothing there that you can see."

"I say to her 'come on Angel' but she is always trying to get in the bushes there or sniff around the patch of grass," Priscilla continued.

"I thought it might be a cat or a possum but there was nothing there. I thought 'that's odd' but I was hoping it was not whatever was captured in that picture sticking out of the ground, but it looks like where the 'two legs' appeared that Angel keeps trying to get to.

"Now I have not been taking her for walks around the house and we have to go elsewhere as she was so fixated on that patch around the shrub."

This comes as a family installed a security camera in her driveway and were also horrified by what they found.

Story and Source: The Daily Mail

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Bizarre moment 'ghost pushes open heavy hospital door in spooky CCTV footage as baffled staff watch'

A bizarre CCTV video allegedly captures the moment a ghost pushes open a heavy hospital door.

Employees at the Hospital Parajón Ortiz de Famaillá in Argentina were baffled after watching the clip which appears to show the door swinging open without any human intervention.

The large door, which is not electronic, opens inwards into the building and pushed back against the concrete wall.

But there is no one to be seen in the clip as the exterior of the grounds of the hospital exposed.

Staff members now believe that the culprit behind the phantom door opening has to be a ghost.

And according to workers, it is not the first time they have experienced paranormal activity in the hospital .

Ghost sightings in corridors, strange noises and abrupt drops in temperature have all been reported by employees.

They also suggest that the spooky goings-on are much more common at night than in the day time.

Rumours circulating the hospital include the theory that the 'ghost' is a deceased doctor playing jokes on his colleagues and patiens.

Another theory is that the strange presence is a former employee who experienced a traumatic death after a difficult working life.

Story and source: Daily Mirror

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Haunted hotel has world's largest Ouija board

The Grand Midway Hotel in Pennsylvania is home to what is officially the largest Ouija board on Earth.

Built more than a century ago, the Grand Midway Hotel has managed to attract the attention of numerous paranormal investigators, authors and television producers over the last few years.

"The Grand Midway Hotel was an old coal mining hotel from the late 1880s," said filmmaker Blair Murphy who currently lives in the building. "I could recall countless ghost encounter stories from folks who have stayed the night here. It's actually been a fascinating place to live."

Blair came up with the idea of building a giant Ouija board on the roof of the hotel after having his own experiences with a regular-sized board a couple of years earlier.

"Things flipped out throughout the hotel," he said. "It seemed to kick things up into an entire new level of paranormal activity. We were seeing floating people and hearing voices and even the hotel pets were flipping out and reacting to unseen forces."

The giant version of the board, which he built along with the help of eight artists, measures a whopping 121.01 square meters and even features its own giant planchette.

"The hotel roof was this massive blank canvas just waiting for the perfect project to present itself," he said. "A Ouija world record roof was a perfect match for our place."

Story and source: Unexplained Mysteries

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Does the Large Hadron Collider Actually Disprove Ghosts?

The Large Hadron Collider sits underground, spanning over five miles across beneath the bucolic suburbs of Geneva, Switzerland. This metal behemoth serves to try and understand the most basic building blocks of our universe. The question stands, then: if ghosts are real, shouldn’t the LHC have found them?

That, at least, is what British physicist Brian Cox, Advanced Fellow of particle physics at the University of Manchester, thinks. He made his opinions clear on the BBC Radio Four’s The Infinite Monkey Cage radio show last week (transcript from RealClearScience):

“If we want some sort of pattern that carries information about our living cells to persist then we must specify precisely what medium carries that pattern and how it interacts with the matter particles out of which our bodies are made. We must, in other words, invent an extension to the Standard Model of Particle Physics that has escaped detection at the Large Hadron Collider. That’s almost inconceivable at the energy scales typical of the particle interactions in our bodies.”
In other words, he explained, if ghosts existed, then they should be able to interact with the existing particles of the standard model, at the energy scales that life occurs at.

Now, usually I would jump at the opportunity to debunk the paranormal... but honestly, that explanation is bullshit.

I’m not saying there are ghosts. I do not believe in ghosts. But there are plenty of theorized particles the Large Hadron Collider hasn’t discovered yet, from so-called supersymmetric particles to tiny dark matter particle candidates called axions. “The investigation of very low mass low energy dark matter is an ongoing thing,” Bob Jacobsen, professor at the University of California, Berkeley who works on the LUX dark matter detector, told Gizmodo. “We still don’t know whether axions exist. How do you know ghosts aren’t made out of axions?” Jacobsen told me to caveat this with the fact that he hasn’t dug into methods for detecting ghosts with particle physics thoroughly, and could be wrong.

But just look at what CERN’s website says about axions:

...The axion is a neutral and very light (but not massless) particle, and it does not interact (or does it very weakly) with conventional matter. In some way one can see the axion as a “strange photon”. In fact, theory predicts that the axion, if it exists, could transform into a photon (and vice versa) in the presence of electromagnetic fields.


Experiments like LUX, a giant vat of xenon in South Dakota, XENON, a giant vat of xenon in an Italian mountain, the CERN Axion Solar Telescope (CAST), and others, are actively searching for dark matter particles, and haven’t found or ruled them out yet. Plus, what if the ghosts just didn’t want to hang out at the Large Hadron Collider, when they could be out spooking people who actually believe in ghosts?

Of course, I’m not saying that ghosts exist. In fact, I vehemently do not believe in them. I’m just saying that while the LHC can explain a whole lot, it hasn’t ruled out the existence of ghosts yet.

Story and source: Gizmodo

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Ghost hunter claims picture shows spirit of old lady haunting bungalow

A ghost hunter claims to have spotted the spirit of an old lady and her black cat haunting a bungalow in Doncaster.

Julie Cockroft, 55, managed to take two pictures of the ghost while visiting a house on her day off to pick out new granite work surfaces.

The paranormal investigator saw what appeared to be the spirit of an old lady in the neighbouring property and managed to take two pictures.

The home belonged to the kitchen seller’s daughter and was later thought to be of a distant relative called Annie with the ghost of her black cat.

‘I wasn’t even thinking about investigating anywhere – it was my day off,’ said Julie who runs Equinox Paranormal in Wakefield.

‘Suddenly when we were stood looking at the worktop he said he could see a woman in her house.

‘He was obviously quite unsettled by this as it was not his daughter.

‘I suggested we just watch her to see what she would do. But she wasn’t moving.’

The pair then managed to take a picture of the spirit, which was stood still for ten to fifteen minutes, before disappearing when they went to take a closer look.

It wasn’t the first time a spirit has  been seen in the bungalow and Julie started to investigate.

‘Apparently [his daughter] had all sorts happening in the house,’ she added. ‘Strange goings-on and people seeing things, or items being moved around.

‘During my investigation I got the name Annie – I don’t know where it came from. I asked her who Annie was and they said it was an old relative from the late 1800s.

‘They gave me a picture of her and said she was known for having a black cat.

‘What is most shocking is that in both pictures of the woman she has what is clearly a black cat on her shoulder and she looks just like the picture. I recognised her in the photo straight away.

‘I think it was meant for me to see it. She would have been there anyway that day but it is most likely no one would have noticed her if I hadn’t have been there. I think she wanted to be seen in a way.’

Story and source: Metro

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Family use hidden cameras to catch ‘ghost of an American civil war maid’ spooking their dog and claim it has forced them to sprinkle holy water through their house

This is the terrifying moment the ghost of an “American Civil War maid” was apparently caught on camera.

Bill and Cheryl Welty set up a hidden camera in their home to keep an eye on their dog when they were away.

And they claim to have captured a ghoulish figure haunting their pet cocker spaniel Abbie.

Their son Tim, 25, had been round to help fix a computer and was snapped alongside the creepy figure as he sat with his back to it.

After getting home, Bill and Cheryl got in touch to tell him about their spooky discovery.

And after showing the photograph to some religious friends the couple were given HOLY WATER to sprinkle around their house.

It is believed to be on the site of a famous American Civil War battle in Manassas, Virginia.

Story and source: The Sun

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Investigation: Segenhoe Church 2017

So thanks to Jason King for coming along to Segenhoe and despite only two in the field we spent a good couple of hours being busy. (Apologies were received from new member Emma, just like to acknowledge that for her)

Setting up and unknown to me Jason was outside the front and I was getting bits of kit ready.

I felt that someone was behind him and turned and saw a 5'7" figure standing about 8 feet away.

I did a double take and the figure had disappeared. I could not explain the figure as the background wall was a light grey colour and this was a distinctive dark figure separate from the building and not just paredolia.

When I called out for Jason he came in and said 'did you hear it as well?' Jason had an experience at the same time only he heard voices nearby.

When I explained that I had seen someone in the church he told me of the mumbling he heard just outside.

A little later we set up a K2 meter on the old font stone and when we were asking out the K2 illuminated briefly and seemed to be responding to questions by lighting up as a YES when a question was asked.

The question was asked "are you male?" and the meter spiked to 7mG EMF which was curious. Using the Lutron EMF Meter we found no explainable sources of EMF and background EMF readings stood at 0.02mG.

I saw again another shadow figure but this was when asking 'can you show us a sign of where you are?" Out of the corner of my left eye I saw a figure raise an arm and point to the South Eastern door to the chapel.

At about 23:45 we ended the investigation as the air seemed to lighten and feel less heavy.
Only hoping something was captured on EVP or film...

Spanish town calls in an exorcist after 'ghost' spooks a council meeting and worker hears a 'strange rustling in the hallway'

A council worker in Spain claimed he spotted a ghost lurking outside council offices in a small town outside Granada.

The councillor was working late in the town hall in Vegas del Genil on February 3 when the air suddenly turned cold.

He told local newspaper Ideal: 'It was unusually cold in the office so I put on my coat and then got up to go to bathroom.

'That's when I heard a strange rustling sound in the hallway, like someone was dragging files across the floor.'

Staggering around the dark corridor he decided to take a photo of the hallway.

When he examined the picture later he noticed the haunting ghostly image of a child.

According to the Local, the councillor locked himself in the officer before sending the photo round the council's Whatsapp group.

One of the councillors invited a local Reiki practitioner to carry out a 'cleansing session' in the corridor and she reported 'feeling a presence'.

But keen to play down any fears of spooky visions, the town mayor Leandro Martín hit back.

He said: 'He (the council worker) sent us the photo and told us that he had a strange vision.

'The truth is that we all take it as a joke.'

He added: 'I am a sceptic. It's not true that it is inexplicably cold. It is a collective psychosis.'

Story and source: Daily Mail

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