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Friday, 30 June 2017

Thai police called in to take on village's female ghost

Officers of the Royal Thai Police Force have been called on to undertake a ghost-busting mission in eastern Thailand, where a malevolent female ghost has reportedly left villagers spooked for months.

Police were dispatched to a village in Amnat Charoen province to deal with the ghost, known locally as "phi pob", which villagers said had killed four cows and caused four border police officers to fall ill, Thai online media outlet Khaosod English reports.

Village leaders had requested a police presence to "strengthen civilian morale, prevent panic and boost residents' confidence in living their daily lives", the website said.

Police have already started their patrols to ward off the spirit, with local police chief Adul Chaiprasithikul stating that, at present, "more people believe in phi pob than those who don't".

Haunting history

The so-called phi pob is believed to have the ability to possess humans and wreak havoc on an entire village, with many rural communities reporting hauntings each year, the report says.

In 2016, three individuals reportedly possessed by a phi pob forced family members and neighbours to strip naked at knifepoint.

The spirit is the subject of a long-running Thai film franchise known as Baan Phi Pob.

But it doesn't appear to be the only ghost on the scene in Thailand, a country known for its superstitions.

According to online Thai newspaper Samui Times, at least 20 other spirits inhabit the country, but not all are malign.

The Phi Poang Khang spirit, for instance, is known to take the "shape of a black monkey that likes to hang out near salt licks in the jungle and suck the big toes of people sleeping there."

At the other end of the spectrum is the Phi Kra-sue spirit, described as the most feared ghost in the country.

The spirit is said to takes the form of a beautiful woman who mesmerises her prey and is "often seen in long flowing dresses to hide the fact that she has no lower body, just a mass of internal organs and intestines suspended from her head".

Story and source: BBC

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Yeilden Castle Investigation

A lot of the anomalies detected coincided with requests from the team on the night. During other photo sessions nothing anomalous came up which could be purely coincidental. I get that particulates in the air can and do manifest themselves onto pictures however like I said these were some that coincided with investigator experiments. Hope you enjoy the video.

Let us know your thoughts below.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The chilling picture that left rural town convinced ghosts are REAL, sparking police probe

Police issued an appeal to identify the ‘ghost’ after the image went viral and chilled a remote town to the bone.

The spooky image of the young girl dressed in white with pale-looking skin was caught by a huntsman who had set up trailcams in the woods in Cambridge, New York, United States.

Taking to social media to ask the public if they thought it was a ghost, the image went viral online.

One poster said: “I think it’s a ghost. Why do I say that? Because look at it. It’s definitely a spirit.”

Another wrote: “I would say there’s no way that’s a ghost but that’s the kind of thing where I’d say: ‘eh, I don’t know’.”

Local paranormal investigator Tania Woodward claimed the area was a hot spot for ghostly and mysterious activity.

Police soon intervened in an attempt to identify the ghoulish figure.

Cambridge-Greenwich police chief George Bell told ABC TV news: “I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve never heard of a ghost running around the woods."

After issuing an appeal, the police man said a local businessman had come forward to say it was his granddaughter.

The man explained that he and the girl had been in the woods at the time the image was captured, and had even noticed the trailcam.

Story and source:Express

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Is this a ghost sitting in front of a computer in an empty college classroom?

Eerie footage captured in an empty college classroom appears to show a GHOST sitting in front of a computer.

The video shows a semi-transparent is seen floating and sitting attentively in front of a screen at Stockton Riverside College in Thornaby-on-Tees, North Yorkshire.

Dozens of students and teachers at the college have queued up to catch a glimpse of the spectre after it was spotted by staff last week.

But don’t worry, there’s an explanation - although it’s complicated.

Paul Abley, a games design lecturer at the college, told the Gazette Live : “We’ve had some people come down and look at it, and they’ve been shocked.

“But simply, it’s a reflection in the window from another classroom.

“It’s improbable, but if a student is in the other classroom then the light must bounce off about four windows and the door of a server cabinet.

“All the angles are just right, and makes this semi-transparent reflection show up in the perfect place.

“It looks like a ghost and a fair few people have thought it was one, as you don’t immediately know where it could have come from.

“Quite a few people get freaked out by it. We’ve been having a bit of fun with it.

“It’s not as if it’s a direct reflection, the other classroom is separated from this one by a brick wall. If you’re stood looking at the reflection, you wouldn’t be able to see the student that’s being reflected.”

Paul, who has worked at the college for around two years, said the phenomena must have been happening since the college was built but was only noticed last week.

The computer suite, which is in the media and games department, is only in use for around two thirds of every day so is often empty and has its lights switched off - the best time to see the illusion.

And the video caused quite a stir on the college’s Facebook page, with one student saying: “I’d be gone if I saw that and never go back.”Does this video capture a ghost in an empty college classroom?

Story and source: The Mirror

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Dad captures spooky footage of 'RAF pilot ghost' haunting abandoned corridor in deserted air force base

A dad-turned-ghosthunter has revealed spooky footage of the 'ghost of an RAF pilot' haunting a corridor in an abandoned air force base.

Steve Wesson, 44, visited Manby Hall, in Lincolnshire, earlier this year with his UK Ghost Hunts team and could not believe his luck when he captured the 'freaky' footage.

The team didn't realise that an unknown figure wanders through the background until looking at the video later that night but Steve insists it could not have been any of his team and there was no one else in the building.

Steve believes he must have seen the shape in the corner of his eye as he followed the suspected phantom into a stairwell, which footage shows was eerily empty.

Manby was a key area for the RAF during WWII and the hall was once used as an RAF base as well as an old people's home before closing down.

Steve, from Kimberley, in Nottingham said: "The security guard went in the left room with two of the team members and I was following filming with a camera.

"I didn't hear any footsteps in the corridor neither did the rest of the team or the security guard.

"I must have seen something out the corner of my eye for me to go in there but I didn't really notice it at the time and didn't take any other notice and rejoined the guys, as you can see there are shadows on the back wall cast from our torch light but no shadows cast from the figure.

"As you can see in the footage, the figure seems to be carrying a torch or bright ball but if this was someone wondering around within the building we would have seen their light and knew they were there.

"After seeing the footage we went back to where it was taken to have a proper look at the room and corridors to find a reasonable explanation for what we caught.

"It is a former RAF base then it was an old people's home and now it is closed and only security have access to the building. However there are many ghost stories about the hall.

"It was definitely not one of us four and there was definitely no one else in the building."

It has been said that Manby is haunted by a Second World War pilot who is sometimes seen wearing a long coat.

Steve said: "Rumours in the area are that Manby is haunted. I know we all presume that ghosts are a 'mist' or 'shadows' but what if the footage is of an apparition?

"All I can say is that there was four of us in total in this building and all four of us were accounted for.

"Whatever this was, a human or a ghost, none of us noticed the figure as we turned into a room and no one heard any noise from footsteps on the rubble that is left over these corridors."

Steve said: "There is 24 hours' worth of footage and for something to just walk in and for us to not acknowledge it was there at the time is very weird.

"It's really strange that a very large figure can pass in front of all of us silently and without being noticed within 15 feet of us.

"It's really cool because we know where we all were in the building. It's pretty freaky."

Story and source: The Mirror

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Creepy face caught peering out of empty car

A car enthusiast got quite a surprise when he reviewed a recent photograph he'd taken of his vehicle.
The peculiar image, which was recently shared on our discussion forum by user 'XSAS_Daughter', shows what looks like a strange face peering out from the car's front passenger window.

"My friend was recently looking back through his camera roll and found this photo that he took of his and his friend's car," she wrote. "He was sat in the restaurant across the road and was taking a photograph of his car because it was new and he's a typical boy that loves his car."

"He realised there appeared to be a person in the car, which was completely empty at the time."

"I said it looked like somebody was leaning on his car and he said there definitely wasn't anybody because he would have kicked off haha!"

"Anyway, just thought I'd share because even if it is nothing, it looked pretty creepy to us!"

Story and source: UM Forums

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Investigation Report: Battlesden

Interesting night in the lanes entering Battlesden. A lone soldier "John" came forward along with other information that centred around a minor engagement between the opposing forces in the English Civil War.

Graham Matthews sensed John nearby, I saw the head and shoulders of a figure walk across from the field into the road then vanish. Further down the lane this same experience was had by Jason. I felt like someone had stabbed me between the shoulders and felt a strong penetrating stab through the left shoulder and out the front of my chest. I have no pre-existing injury here that would naturally cause that.

When we walked back to the cars I then felt as though there was a little too much 'spirit' interaction and got the thoughts of "Cromwellian Scum" and the names "Mary", "Parnell" and "Hanslope". I felt they were connected but got no further sense of the links just assumed they were linked in some way.

We visited the church at Battlesden but this was peaceful and gave us no sense of their being anything remotely paranormal about the place.

Graham Matthews was recording some video and audio so we will wait to see if there was anything to come out of that.

All in all a good call by Jason King to bring up Battlesden just need to set up the next few and hopefully get some indoor ones which we have lined up.

Found this after the investigation:

Can't find any obvious links between John and Parnell and Hanslope. Parnell and the Civil War yes, Sir John Parnell existed but the person we came across was not the same one.

Another snippit from the archives - William Pedder, appointed rector in 1634, was of moderate churchmanship and a royalist. He found the parish in a divided state and encountered much opposition. He was turned out of the living in 1642 and in his place Parliament appointed a group of eighteen “lecturers,” who preached in the church on Sundays and weekdays. However, this arrangement did not fulfil the expectations of the parishioners, many of whom wanted a minister of their own. Less than two years after this scheme was instituted, the town was raided by a party of Royalist soldiers from Leighton Buzzard, who on a Sunday in June, 1644, made an attack on the church during service time. The congregation had barricaded themselves in, and the soldiers forced the doors, shooting a “case of pistols” at the minister in the pulpit and wounding several of the congregation. The incident further embittered the factions. - http://www.dunstableparish.org.uk/history-of-st-peters/

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Mysterious 'spectre with face, hand and CLAWS' floats at unsuspecting woman's shoulder in chilling photo taken at home

A mum who claims she captured a terrifying ghost standing next to her and was spoken to by an unknown presence while doing the housework has called for help from ghost hunters.

Lou Johnson, 44, says she was mopping the kitchen floor at her home in Hull, East Riding, when she thought her son asked her: "what are you doing?".

After becoming frustrated and telling him "you're always do this, you'll have to wait" to get into the kitchen, Lou says she turned to see a figure leave the room - though never saw who it was.

However, now Lou has revealed a series of text messages that show her 23-year-old son texted her from upstairs to ask who she was talking to.

Her son is adamant that he was upstairs the whole time, so now Lou is sharing an image she captured the year before to see if any paranormal experts can explain the ghostly goings-on.

The image shows Lou getting ready for a night out at 10pm while a glowing slender figure appears next to her that friends are telling her could be a spirit.

Lou said: "Some see the picture and automatically think it's a mirror behind me and that is a reflection - but there is no mirror behind me. I don't even own a mirror of that size.

"I've had so many people get in touch and say that it is something paranormal and it can't be explained at all.

"Lots of people see the shape of a figure stood next to me with a hand and claws. I have always been a sceptic so I just let people offer their thoughts on it.

"They could all see a hand on my shoulder and a face there too, and while I can see the figure they mean, I was naturally sceptical and thought there must be an explanation.

"However, seeing is believing and what I saw in the kitchen last week does make me question what could be in the house with us.

"I was just mopping the floor when I thought that my son appeared in the doorway near me. He asked me what I was doing and I said 'you always do this, the floor is wet so you have to wait'.

"I just said it because I thought he was wanting to get in the kitchen and was asking at the one time I was mopping the floor, which he's done before.

"I turned to look at him and I saw the shape of someone turn away and then go up the stairs. I thought that was it.

"But my son heard me talking and texted me. He knew we were alone in the house so couldn't understand why he could hear me telling him to 'wait' from downstairs. He was upstairs in bed so he thought it was really weird and texted me to ask me what I was doing.

"At first I thought he was winding me up. I assumed it must have been a prank - like I say, I always look for the rational explanation.

"However once he said he had honestly been in bed the whole time I became really freaked out.

"I know what I heard - it was clear as day a voice asking me what I was doing.

"It unsettled me so much that I had to go and check all of the rooms to check no one was there. I was sure someone must have been in the house with us.

"That's why I want to share the picture now. I really want an explanation of what could be happening.

"I'm a sceptic and there could be a rational explanation for it all but there has been so much happening I feel I need an explanation to put my mind at ease."

Since her encounter with the unidentified figure, Lou has shared the image she caught last year in her search for answers.

At the time the photo was taken, she had been getting ready to go for drinks at a friend's house when her partner took a picture of her.

Lou said: "It was about two weeks later when I was looking through my photos on my phone that I spotted the shape beside me.

"Straight away I thought it looked a bit odd. Then as I zoomed in on the image I saw a face over my shoulder.

"When I put the picture online to see what people would make of it everyone went crazy and were saying that there was someone there with me."

However, this is not the first time that Lou has been the victim of strange happenings in her home.

Lou said: "The first time it happened I was in bed and I had sleep paralysis and couldn't move my head or body when suddenly the quilt moved off me.

"I thought I was dreaming at first but it was very clear and I still think about it now and get the feeling that something very odd happened.

"Once I was polishing and I saw someone in the reflection of the TV. I thought it was my son but when I turned round there was no one there.

"I just don't know what to think. I have felt the presence of something there a few times.

"With all of these things I always tried to look for a rational explanation. But it's odd that I've had so many weird things happen.

"Maybe there are experts out there who will see the image and will recognise what is going on.

"I hope so as I don't want things like this to keep happening. Despite being sceptical, I am open-minded and I would have someone round to investigate the house if that is what they said it needed."

Story and source: The Mirror

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Ghost 101: Know your ghost

When people first think of ghost they probably imagine the "floating sheet" type; like Boo here.

This is most likely because through childhood this is the type of thing they would have seen on "Scooby Doo" or other similar shows. Not to mention pranks from siblings that would simply throw on a sheet to scare you!

Ghosts can come in all shapes and sizes and so below I will describe the different "known" types of ghost. This can be used as a reference if you want to try and determine what may or may not being going bump in the night in your home!


The most general term for ghosts that we see. Generally apparitions are a "recognisable" ghost shape and don't appear to be solid (transparent).

Apparitions aren't necessarily just human form and may or may not appear to interact.

Cold Spots: 

A cold spot is the description given to an area where a ghost is trying to manifest. Generally it's thought that in trying to manifest energy is drawn from the surrounding area. This creates a cold spot.

Cold spots can move around the surrounding area and paranormal investigators normally track this and use as evidence.


Another common type of ghost that is caught on camera.

Most orbs can usually be explained away as dust, water, insects or other floating objects but sometimes they can't be explained.

Orbs can sometimes appear on demand or appear to have other unexplainable features such as a face or emitting light that doesn't make sense.


Residual ghosts are like a recording of a past even that is playing on a loop.

Residual ghosts will never interact with you and instead will continue the same "loop".

An example of this would be a story my mum once shared with me.

She said she once saw a ghost hanging up washing. Or rather making the motion of hanging up washing.

Several people apparently witnessed this but the "woman" continues hanging up washing and didn't react to the people around her.

Eventually she faded away.


This one is fairly obvious. Interactive ghosts will interact with you! Simple!!

This can sometimes be confused with poltergeists, however poltergeists cause physical and emotional disturbances (we will cover this later).

Interactive ghosts will perform simple tasks, usually on demand.

An example would be to request a ghost to interact with an EMF detector. Sometimes the EMF detector will spike as the ghost interacts with it.


Poltergeists are probably the most heard of ghost. Mainly because this type of ghost was made famous by the Hollywood film by the same name.

Poltergeists are mischievous ghosts and cause a lot of physical disturbance such as throwing items or moving things from one place to another.

Poltergeists can also cause electrical disturbances and have even been reported to cause fires.


The least common of ghosts and can also be referred to as demons.

This type of ghost is the most unpleasant and are thought to have never been human (hence the name demon).

They can attach themselves to a building or person / family and cause great torment.

Entities show high levels of intelligence and thrive on negative emotions.

So there you have it. A short list of potential ghosts which will help you recognise the type you may be experiencing. Lets just hope you don't bump into the last one!

Family spooked when 13-year-old finds ghostly apparition in a selfie taken during a fishing trip

Is this the ghostliest photobomb of all time?

A 13-year-old girl who took a selfie while fishing with family in Tifton, Georgia may have one spooky catch on her hands.

'Notice my son Kolton in the background and then notice the gentleman standing to his right!!!' wrote Jessica Ogletree about her daughter Haley's photo, which she posted to Facebook.

The photo shows a smiling Haley on a boat, and behind her is brother Kolton, who is bending over in a green shirt and cap, and next to him what appears to be the smiling face of a gentleman wearing a cap and possibly a suit ... only no such person was there.

'Ya'll, this gentleman was NOT with them today and there was no one else at these back ponds where they were fishing! The only people there today were Haley, Kolton, and their grandparents...Haley was going back through her pictures and saw this and needless to say freaked out and called me lol!' wrote the startled mother.

Jessica suspects the reason the ghostly man showed up is because it was Kolton's birthday, and he caught his 'biggest fish he's ever caught' and the 'dead man' wanted to express his approval.

The photo has been shared over 3,000 thousand times since Saturday and received over 1,000 comments. There are plenty of believers - as well as skeptics. Many seemed to feel the picture was deliberately faked.

'I'm a believer and I've seen and photographed, but I'm not one to fall for baloney. The "figure" looks almost perforated, as does the shadow on the guys shirt. I can think of a few ways this would be done, but I don't think it's real. Not discrediting anyone, it just looks like a trick,' wrote Mandy Smith.

'There is definitely a man there. Not sure why or how, but it's real,' wrote Emily Leann Blunt, representing the opposite end of the spectrum.

Some were worried about the 'ghost's means to an end. 'That is freaky, I hope he wasn't murdered there and can't rest,' said Sandra Rusk.

'Hummmm.... I would do some research on the area. History as well as missing persons, you never know if the other side is trying to tell you something,' said Mae West, also concerned that the 'ghost' may have met an untimely end.

Some people began speculating about who the ghost was and even posted pictures of a deceased man he resembled. One woman circled two more ghosts she claimed were hovering in the background trees. Still others posted photos of their own ghostly photobombs.

One thing is for sure, if the 'ghost' is real, his grin shows he was definitely in a good mood that day.

Story and source: The Daily Mail

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mum sets up CCTV in her garden after pranks

Priscilla, from Texas, US, said: "We put the camera up last year after having problems with some teenagers in the area throwing paper in our tree, knocking on the door and running off and things like that. So we put it up for security purposes.

"It previously films things but it's started just taking pictures, I'm not sure why.

"It is set off whenever there is movement outside and it had gone off at some unusual times. I thought it was weird so I had a look at what it had captured."

"But we were never expecting to capture anything this weird. It looks like things sticking up from the ground – lots of people are saying they are a pair of legs," she continued.

"They do look like legs so they could be but I'm not sure what they are. They are quite big and from the size on the camera they are bigger than my dog.

"At first I thought they were twigs but then I saw the foot when I looked at a close up of them. I thought that was creepy sticking out like that."

She added: "It does make you think 'where is the other half of the body?'.

"Maybe it's a gateway of some kind to the spiritual world – but that sounds very creepy."

The image has unsettled Priscilla and she now no longer walks her Chihuahua Angel around the garden for fear of seeing anything else.

The legs also appeared in the same spot in the garden that the dog has become fascinated by during walks.

She added: “I hope to God that I don't see the hands or any other body parts coming out of the ground!

"I would always take my pet dog out for a walk around the house and I would happily do it at night but every time she was trying to get into the bushes where the shape appeared on the picture.

"It's really odd, I don't know what it is about that spot that she is so interested in as there is nothing there that you can see."

"I say to her 'come on Angel' but she is always trying to get in the bushes there or sniff around the patch of grass," Priscilla continued.

"I thought it might be a cat or a possum but there was nothing there. I thought 'that's odd' but I was hoping it was not whatever was captured in that picture sticking out of the ground, but it looks like where the 'two legs' appeared that Angel keeps trying to get to.

"Now I have not been taking her for walks around the house and we have to go elsewhere as she was so fixated on that patch around the shrub."

This comes as a family installed a security camera in her driveway and were also horrified by what they found.

Story and Source: The Daily Mail

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Bizarre moment 'ghost pushes open heavy hospital door in spooky CCTV footage as baffled staff watch'

A bizarre CCTV video allegedly captures the moment a ghost pushes open a heavy hospital door.

Employees at the Hospital Parajón Ortiz de Famaillá in Argentina were baffled after watching the clip which appears to show the door swinging open without any human intervention.

The large door, which is not electronic, opens inwards into the building and pushed back against the concrete wall.

But there is no one to be seen in the clip as the exterior of the grounds of the hospital exposed.

Staff members now believe that the culprit behind the phantom door opening has to be a ghost.

And according to workers, it is not the first time they have experienced paranormal activity in the hospital .

Ghost sightings in corridors, strange noises and abrupt drops in temperature have all been reported by employees.

They also suggest that the spooky goings-on are much more common at night than in the day time.

Rumours circulating the hospital include the theory that the 'ghost' is a deceased doctor playing jokes on his colleagues and patiens.

Another theory is that the strange presence is a former employee who experienced a traumatic death after a difficult working life.

Story and source: Daily Mirror

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Haunted hotel has world's largest Ouija board

The Grand Midway Hotel in Pennsylvania is home to what is officially the largest Ouija board on Earth.

Built more than a century ago, the Grand Midway Hotel has managed to attract the attention of numerous paranormal investigators, authors and television producers over the last few years.

"The Grand Midway Hotel was an old coal mining hotel from the late 1880s," said filmmaker Blair Murphy who currently lives in the building. "I could recall countless ghost encounter stories from folks who have stayed the night here. It's actually been a fascinating place to live."

Blair came up with the idea of building a giant Ouija board on the roof of the hotel after having his own experiences with a regular-sized board a couple of years earlier.

"Things flipped out throughout the hotel," he said. "It seemed to kick things up into an entire new level of paranormal activity. We were seeing floating people and hearing voices and even the hotel pets were flipping out and reacting to unseen forces."

The giant version of the board, which he built along with the help of eight artists, measures a whopping 121.01 square meters and even features its own giant planchette.

"The hotel roof was this massive blank canvas just waiting for the perfect project to present itself," he said. "A Ouija world record roof was a perfect match for our place."

Story and source: Unexplained Mysteries

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Does the Large Hadron Collider Actually Disprove Ghosts?

The Large Hadron Collider sits underground, spanning over five miles across beneath the bucolic suburbs of Geneva, Switzerland. This metal behemoth serves to try and understand the most basic building blocks of our universe. The question stands, then: if ghosts are real, shouldn’t the LHC have found them?

That, at least, is what British physicist Brian Cox, Advanced Fellow of particle physics at the University of Manchester, thinks. He made his opinions clear on the BBC Radio Four’s The Infinite Monkey Cage radio show last week (transcript from RealClearScience):

“If we want some sort of pattern that carries information about our living cells to persist then we must specify precisely what medium carries that pattern and how it interacts with the matter particles out of which our bodies are made. We must, in other words, invent an extension to the Standard Model of Particle Physics that has escaped detection at the Large Hadron Collider. That’s almost inconceivable at the energy scales typical of the particle interactions in our bodies.”
In other words, he explained, if ghosts existed, then they should be able to interact with the existing particles of the standard model, at the energy scales that life occurs at.

Now, usually I would jump at the opportunity to debunk the paranormal... but honestly, that explanation is bullshit.

I’m not saying there are ghosts. I do not believe in ghosts. But there are plenty of theorized particles the Large Hadron Collider hasn’t discovered yet, from so-called supersymmetric particles to tiny dark matter particle candidates called axions. “The investigation of very low mass low energy dark matter is an ongoing thing,” Bob Jacobsen, professor at the University of California, Berkeley who works on the LUX dark matter detector, told Gizmodo. “We still don’t know whether axions exist. How do you know ghosts aren’t made out of axions?” Jacobsen told me to caveat this with the fact that he hasn’t dug into methods for detecting ghosts with particle physics thoroughly, and could be wrong.

But just look at what CERN’s website says about axions:

...The axion is a neutral and very light (but not massless) particle, and it does not interact (or does it very weakly) with conventional matter. In some way one can see the axion as a “strange photon”. In fact, theory predicts that the axion, if it exists, could transform into a photon (and vice versa) in the presence of electromagnetic fields.


Experiments like LUX, a giant vat of xenon in South Dakota, XENON, a giant vat of xenon in an Italian mountain, the CERN Axion Solar Telescope (CAST), and others, are actively searching for dark matter particles, and haven’t found or ruled them out yet. Plus, what if the ghosts just didn’t want to hang out at the Large Hadron Collider, when they could be out spooking people who actually believe in ghosts?

Of course, I’m not saying that ghosts exist. In fact, I vehemently do not believe in them. I’m just saying that while the LHC can explain a whole lot, it hasn’t ruled out the existence of ghosts yet.

Story and source: Gizmodo

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Ghost hunter claims picture shows spirit of old lady haunting bungalow

A ghost hunter claims to have spotted the spirit of an old lady and her black cat haunting a bungalow in Doncaster.

Julie Cockroft, 55, managed to take two pictures of the ghost while visiting a house on her day off to pick out new granite work surfaces.

The paranormal investigator saw what appeared to be the spirit of an old lady in the neighbouring property and managed to take two pictures.

The home belonged to the kitchen seller’s daughter and was later thought to be of a distant relative called Annie with the ghost of her black cat.

‘I wasn’t even thinking about investigating anywhere – it was my day off,’ said Julie who runs Equinox Paranormal in Wakefield.

‘Suddenly when we were stood looking at the worktop he said he could see a woman in her house.

‘He was obviously quite unsettled by this as it was not his daughter.

‘I suggested we just watch her to see what she would do. But she wasn’t moving.’

The pair then managed to take a picture of the spirit, which was stood still for ten to fifteen minutes, before disappearing when they went to take a closer look.

It wasn’t the first time a spirit has  been seen in the bungalow and Julie started to investigate.

‘Apparently [his daughter] had all sorts happening in the house,’ she added. ‘Strange goings-on and people seeing things, or items being moved around.

‘During my investigation I got the name Annie – I don’t know where it came from. I asked her who Annie was and they said it was an old relative from the late 1800s.

‘They gave me a picture of her and said she was known for having a black cat.

‘What is most shocking is that in both pictures of the woman she has what is clearly a black cat on her shoulder and she looks just like the picture. I recognised her in the photo straight away.

‘I think it was meant for me to see it. She would have been there anyway that day but it is most likely no one would have noticed her if I hadn’t have been there. I think she wanted to be seen in a way.’

Story and source: Metro

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Family use hidden cameras to catch ‘ghost of an American civil war maid’ spooking their dog and claim it has forced them to sprinkle holy water through their house

This is the terrifying moment the ghost of an “American Civil War maid” was apparently caught on camera.

Bill and Cheryl Welty set up a hidden camera in their home to keep an eye on their dog when they were away.

And they claim to have captured a ghoulish figure haunting their pet cocker spaniel Abbie.

Their son Tim, 25, had been round to help fix a computer and was snapped alongside the creepy figure as he sat with his back to it.

After getting home, Bill and Cheryl got in touch to tell him about their spooky discovery.

And after showing the photograph to some religious friends the couple were given HOLY WATER to sprinkle around their house.

It is believed to be on the site of a famous American Civil War battle in Manassas, Virginia.

Story and source: The Sun

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Investigation: Segenhoe Church 2017

So thanks to Jason King for coming along to Segenhoe and despite only two in the field we spent a good couple of hours being busy. (Apologies were received from new member Emma, just like to acknowledge that for her)

Setting up and unknown to me Jason was outside the front and I was getting bits of kit ready.

I felt that someone was behind him and turned and saw a 5'7" figure standing about 8 feet away.

I did a double take and the figure had disappeared. I could not explain the figure as the background wall was a light grey colour and this was a distinctive dark figure separate from the building and not just paredolia.

When I called out for Jason he came in and said 'did you hear it as well?' Jason had an experience at the same time only he heard voices nearby.

When I explained that I had seen someone in the church he told me of the mumbling he heard just outside.

A little later we set up a K2 meter on the old font stone and when we were asking out the K2 illuminated briefly and seemed to be responding to questions by lighting up as a YES when a question was asked.

The question was asked "are you male?" and the meter spiked to 7mG EMF which was curious. Using the Lutron EMF Meter we found no explainable sources of EMF and background EMF readings stood at 0.02mG.

I saw again another shadow figure but this was when asking 'can you show us a sign of where you are?" Out of the corner of my left eye I saw a figure raise an arm and point to the South Eastern door to the chapel.

At about 23:45 we ended the investigation as the air seemed to lighten and feel less heavy.
Only hoping something was captured on EVP or film...

Spanish town calls in an exorcist after 'ghost' spooks a council meeting and worker hears a 'strange rustling in the hallway'

A council worker in Spain claimed he spotted a ghost lurking outside council offices in a small town outside Granada.

The councillor was working late in the town hall in Vegas del Genil on February 3 when the air suddenly turned cold.

He told local newspaper Ideal: 'It was unusually cold in the office so I put on my coat and then got up to go to bathroom.

'That's when I heard a strange rustling sound in the hallway, like someone was dragging files across the floor.'

Staggering around the dark corridor he decided to take a photo of the hallway.

When he examined the picture later he noticed the haunting ghostly image of a child.

According to the Local, the councillor locked himself in the officer before sending the photo round the council's Whatsapp group.

One of the councillors invited a local Reiki practitioner to carry out a 'cleansing session' in the corridor and she reported 'feeling a presence'.

But keen to play down any fears of spooky visions, the town mayor Leandro Martín hit back.

He said: 'He (the council worker) sent us the photo and told us that he had a strange vision.

'The truth is that we all take it as a joke.'

He added: 'I am a sceptic. It's not true that it is inexplicably cold. It is a collective psychosis.'

Story and source: Daily Mail

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Monday, 16 January 2017

Mum panics as chilling Black-Eyed Child ghost stalks her in horror photo

Hannah Butler, 24, says she has been terrorised by the ghost of an orphan girl dressed in white with jet black hair and eyes.

It all started when she photographed the youngster while on a ghost walk in Hessle Foreshore woods, East Riding, Yorks, back in 2013.

Hannah, who is mum to 15-month-old daughter Emma, said: "Our guide showed us this tree, and told us that some people had seen the ghost of a little orphan girl there who is looking out to sea waiting for her daddy.

"I just snapped away at the tree, I must have taken about ten photos. I was wandering around, looking through them, and then I saw it.

"I thought I had just imagined her. It wasn't on any of the other photos. Then I started freaking out. I was so shocked.

"I started crying and had to leave. I stayed over at my friend's for a few days after that because I was so scared."

Hannah's photo, taken around midnight, shows what appears to be the figure of a young girl with black eyes aged around five.

She said since then the mysterious orphan girl has appeared regularly in her dreams.

The mysterious image even left previously-sceptical partner of three years Chris Billings, 25, totally baffled.

Hannah added: "It sounds silly, but after that night I have had dreams about the girl. She's been on my mind a lot. I think of her often, and I still dream about her. I don't think she will ever leave me.

"If there was a dark room, I would always be scared that she was there in the corner, and I still feel like that at times.

"Chris is the most sceptical person, but even when he looks at the picture he can't find an explanation. There was just no explanation. I don't know what to believe anymore.

"And then I look at the picture and it's definitely a girl. I've tried to find an explanation but I can't."

The Black-Eyed Child ghost has been spotted regularly in Britain, mainly around Cannock Chase Woods in Staffordshire.

Last month a horror snap appeared to show the face of a young girl while a sinister clip emerged from the haunted woods earlier this year.

Story and source: Daily Star

Ricky Tomlinson reveals he talks to the ghost of his dead son and that he comes to sit with him

TV favourite Ricky Tomlinson ­believes in ghosts – and says he is visited by his dead son.

The Royle Family star was ­heartbroken by the loss of his beloved eldest boy Clifton at the age of 33.

Now, 12 years on, he says Clifton stays in touch from beyond the grave. Ricky, famed for his role as sofa-dwelling Scouser Jim Royle, told the Sunday People: “I believe in ghosts and spirits. I’ve had experiences I’ll never forget.”

Ricky, 77, who now stars as a wizard in the Sky One children’s fantasy The Last Dragonslayer, said he often feels Clifton’s comforting presence on his bed.

A deeply spiritual man, Ricky also told how his mother communicated with his late father and revealed his brushes with ghosts at his Liverpool club.

Clifton, one of Ricky’s three sons with former wife Marlene, died in hospital on December 4, 2004, after a long battle with drink and drugs.

Time has eased the pain but his late son is never far from Ricky’s thoughts.

“I talk to him all the time, in my head,” he said after marking the painful ­anniversary. “It’s not just this time of year, it’s regularly. He was great and harum-scarum. He knows I loved him.

“And although I can’t see him, now and then he sits on the bed with me.

“I can feel him, this weight. I know that sounds strange because ghosts are ­invisible. But I know it’s him.”

The pain is close to the surface, ­although hidden most of the time by Ricky’s exuberant personality.

“It’s difficult,” he admitted. “I’m one of three brothers. When we lost my dad, it was a tremendous loss. I loved him. But it was a different feeling when Clifton died. Our Clifton. He was my eldest lad.”

Ricky’s voice was filled with emotion as he recalled one special moment at a cottage in Coedpoeth, North Wales. “I used to go there to get out of the way and write,” he said. “It’s only a little one-bed place with an open fire and log burner.

“We’d had a bad, bad winter and I could just about drive to the cottage before the snow was too deep to get any further.

“I put the fire on and a butterfly came in the room and settled on my hand.

“It was our Clifton coming to see me, that I’m sure of.”

His late mother Peggy, who died of a stroke three years ago aged 86, apparently had similar reunions with Ricky’s late father Albert after his death at 55.

Ricky, who also played Bobby Grant in Merseyside soap Brookside , said: “Mam knew when she was dying and used to talk to Dad. They used to go on these coach trip holidays every year down south.

“My dad did all the organising. When he died she started going away to similar places with her mates and I said, ‘Don’t you miss my dad, Mam?’

“She said, ‘No, your dad comes to visit me every year before I go on my holidays to see if I’m all right.’”

Ricky recalled a number of psychic experiences.

In 1987 he took on a five-year lease of a building in Liverpool, planning to renovate it as a hub for where aspiring actors and ­entertainers could perform.

It soon transpired that the venue, called The Limelight Club, was haunted.

Ricky recalled: “We had an old hooker, God love her, who used to come in.

“She wasn’t too well one night and I said, ‘Don’t worry, Chloe, you get your head down here for a while.’

“We were playing snooker downstairs when we heard screams. When we went to see her, she’d climbed out on to the window ledge more than 200ft up.

“I said, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Ricky’, she said, ‘I was going to come down ­because I felt a lot better.

“But there was this old guy, standing by the door in a long brown overcoat and cap, and he wouldn’t let me out.’

“He kept saying, ‘I’m waiting for Nellie, I’m waiting for Nellie.’”

“We also had the police out one night because I could hear people talking in one of the rooms.

“We were near a bank so I thought they could be burglars. But when the police burst in there was no one there.

“Another time I was coming down the stairs and saw a lady with a baby in a pushchair and a little girl holding her hand. I walked into my ­office and when I turned around they’d gone.

"I had a lad staying there at the time. He was in a bit of ­trouble so I’d given him a room upstairs. One morning I saw him going downstairs, looking up at the wall.

“I said, ‘What’s the matter?’ He said, ‘You won’t believe this. Every morning when I go out there’s a woman with a little baby in a pram and a girl ­holding her hand.’

“When I get to the door she’s gone and it’s locked.’

Ricky, married since 2003 to Rita Cumiskey, is still in touch with David Drew, the psychic who­ finally put an end to the hauntings at the club.

He said: “He stayed for a few days and on the last day there was something going on in the bathroom. He came out and I thought he’d been fighting Mike Tyson . He said, ‘It’s gone’. And I asked, ‘What was it?’

“He said it was person who killed someone then ­committed suicide but wouldn’t accept he was dead and move over.”

Ricky made another grisly ­discovery while filming an episode of the genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? to be screened on December 22.

It turned out that one of his ancestors was the victim of body snatchers, who sold corpses and organs illegally.

Now Ricky is delighted by his latest role in The Last Dragonslayer, describing the experience as “an absolute joy”. It is set in a Harry Potter -style world in which magic is dying out and needs ­restoring.

Ricky said: “It was tremendous ­because I’m a bit of a dinosaur when it come to special effects. I’ve only just learned to text – but I really enjoyed it.”

In one scene Ricky had to fly. He­ recalled: “That look of fear was real. They strap you to a bicycle seat on a ­giant seesaw and throw you up in the air.

“Afterwards the producer said, ‘Marvellous, you looked terrified.’ And I said, ‘I was bloody terrified.’”

During filming people even mistook his wizard look for a tramp.

Ricky explained: “I had my own beard but I had stuff put on my hair to make it stand on end. I’ve got a big enough nose as it is but they’d put this red stuff on it.

“I didn’t have the heart to ask the make-up girls to take it all off at the end of a long day, even though they’d offer.

“So when I got into my hotel, people would turn around and look at me”

He added: “I can’t wait for my grandkids to watch it.”

Story and source: Mirror

Edward V’s ghost photobombs picture at the Tower of London

A MOTHER-OF-TWO claims that a photograph she took at the Tower of London could have been photobombed by the ghost of 12-year-old Edward V - solving a 500-year-old murder mystery.

Mary Ryan, 40, was taking snaps of weapons on display at the historic attraction while on a day trip but failed to notice the face that appeared in the reflection until she returned home to Liverpool.

The hairdresser believes the ghostly face of a young boy could be that of Edward V, who was sent to the Tower along with nine-year-old brother Richard, by their uncle King Richard III in 1483.

It is widely assumed they were murdered as the duo were never seen again - but Miss Ryan claims that her picture could be the first image ever caught of the tragic young prince.

Sir Thomas More, the 16th century statesman and historian, claimed the two princes were smothered by their uncle and buried within the tower - though it was never proved and their disappearance is often cited as one of the world's greatest murder mysteries.

Miss Ryan had visited the tower with her boyfriend Andrew Lang, 38, and daughters Kayleigh, 18, and Chloe Lang, 15, in early 2015 and claims the family have been “freaked out” by the photo ever since.

Miss Ryan said: “You can see Kayleigh's reflection in the glass on the picture and Andrew's hand on the right hand side.

“But the skin on the boy's face is completely different than the others, which is what made me look at it properly.

“It's horrible. I was really freaked out by it. Kayleigh was really scared by it too. She was worried it could have been following her - she was only 16 at the time.

“We've not seen anything like this before.

“I love things to do with the paranormal. I'm scared to death of it but I love reading about it.

“Andrew never believed in any of it until he saw this picture. He has been trying to explain it ever since but couldn't. He was very much a non-believer in ghosts until this.

“There was only another glass cabinet behind us and the corridor was about two metres wide at most. It was just enough to fit someone else past but there was no one else there.

“We were at the end of the group so no one was behind us or near us. In fact, there were no young boys even in the group.

“The boy's clothing even looks old, very old. Even his hair and everything [look old].

“The two young princes look very similar to him. I think it's possibly something paranormal as I know definitely no one was there and that tower is known to be highly haunted, and it's where the boys were thought to be murdered.“

The family were on a two day trip to London when the incident occurred and say it happened in the White Tower - the central tower also known as the old keep.

Miss Ryan said: “We didn't see the face at the time, it was a couple of weeks later when we got home and were looking through when I realised what was in the background.

“It is said to be the most haunted part of the tower, the White Tower.

“When I posted it on social media people said that two young princes were killed there and he looks like one of them. It's really creepy.

“The reason I had taken the picture is I had been fascinated by the gun as it was full of jewels such as diamonds. It must have been worth thousands. I think it had been a gift to the monarchy.

“We have not experience anything paranormal or odd since but I would love to go back. I would be taking more photos and paying more attention to what is in them.

“If I saw something like that at the time I would have been very scared - I would run away probably and left the kids.

“All of us were quite freaked out by it as we couldn't explain it.

“Everyone I have shown the photo to is fascinated by it.”

The White Tower is the oldest part of the landmark and was originally designed to 'strike fear' into the unruly citizens of London. The basement of the tower is believed to have been used for torture.

Story and source: Express