Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Investigation: Segenhoe Church 2017

So thanks to Jason King for coming along to Segenhoe and despite only two in the field we spent a good couple of hours being busy. (Apologies were received from new member Emma, just like to acknowledge that for her)

Setting up and unknown to me Jason was outside the front and I was getting bits of kit ready.

I felt that someone was behind him and turned and saw a 5'7" figure standing about 8 feet away.

I did a double take and the figure had disappeared. I could not explain the figure as the background wall was a light grey colour and this was a distinctive dark figure separate from the building and not just paredolia.

When I called out for Jason he came in and said 'did you hear it as well?' Jason had an experience at the same time only he heard voices nearby.

When I explained that I had seen someone in the church he told me of the mumbling he heard just outside.

A little later we set up a K2 meter on the old font stone and when we were asking out the K2 illuminated briefly and seemed to be responding to questions by lighting up as a YES when a question was asked.

The question was asked "are you male?" and the meter spiked to 7mG EMF which was curious. Using the Lutron EMF Meter we found no explainable sources of EMF and background EMF readings stood at 0.02mG.

I saw again another shadow figure but this was when asking 'can you show us a sign of where you are?" Out of the corner of my left eye I saw a figure raise an arm and point to the South Eastern door to the chapel.

At about 23:45 we ended the investigation as the air seemed to lighten and feel less heavy.
Only hoping something was captured on EVP or film...



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