Saturday, 24 September 2016

Antiques shop appears to be haunted by a POLTERGEIST as items fly off shelves in mystifying video

Incredible CCTV footage shows signs of paranormal activity as objects fly off the shelves in an antique shop.

It appears that previous owners are less than willing to let their belongings go without a fight at the store in Barnsley, as shelves are rocked and items are sent crashing to the ground.

The footage, captured across different dates this year, shows books shaken onto the floor and figurines knocked over - without any human contact whatsoever.

At one point in the clip a spooked customer in a baseball hat is left searching the store for answers as one of the figurines is sent toppling off a table, while he stands with his back to it.

A book is also thrown onto the floor during the short video,  with three skateboards knocked over towards the end of the footage.

During each incident there is no contact visible from anyone, which could lead some to suggest their may be a mysterious power at work.

It would not be the first time there has been a suggestion of paranormal activity in a Barnsley antique shop.

Owner of the Barnsley Antique Centre, Danny Parker, claimed he had experienced 50  such incidents in the space of year.

His CCTV footage had captured a picture frame hitting the floor and smashing and a glass cabinet exploding for no reason.

Speaking at the time, last year, Danny said: 'We have been open a year and have probably had 50 incidents happen.

'Most caught on CCTV and some truly bizarre happenings, which our customers have witnessed and an even more bizarre unexplained figure witnessed by myself.

'And I'm a non-believer, so it does make you think twice if there is something else out there.'

A specialist team of ghost hunters were called to investigate and deduced that the presence of a tramp, who used to hang around an abandoned cemetery that the shop has been built on, could be responsible.

They also suggested that the 'spirit' may be connected to and interested in antiques, meaning it is merely curious and of no harm to staff and customers.

Story and source: Daily Mail



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