Sunday, 4 September 2016

Is it a ghost or a trick of the light? Bristol woman thinks she has captured 'black monk' on camera

A photographer claims to have taken a picture of a ghost at a famous abbey, which she believes might be the spirit of a monk killed by Henry VIII.

The images were taken by Lara Tetlow, 24, who was enjoying the Glastonbury Abbey Musical Extravaganza earlier this month.

Ms Tetlow, from Bristol, said no one was around the ruins when she took the picture of a ghostly figure with red eyes.

It is thought it could be the spirit of 16th century monk.

In 1539 representatives of Henry VIII visited Glastonbury Abbey, sent by Thomas Cromwell as part of the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Lara said: ''The other day I looked more closely at the images and saw a mysterious black monk-like figure by the abbey ruins in several of the photos I took.

"I have no idea what they are - but I know no-one was standing there at the time.

"I had a look online and found a few stories of people seeing ghosts of monks in the ruins of the abbey."
What do you think? Do the pictures show a ghost - or is it simply a shadow thrown on the building by the lights during the event?

Story and source: Bristol Post



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