Monday, 5 September 2016

Ex-cop fired after reporting seeing ghosts reaches settlement

A former Department of Veteran Affairs cop who lost his job after he reported seeing ghosts at the New Jersey hospital he was assigned to has reached a settlement with the agency, his lawyer said.

It rescinds Valdo Vaher’s 2014 firing and allows him to retire, wipes out all disciplinary charges against him and awards him back pay.

Vaher, 50, was sacked after he gave an interview to The Post claiming that the East Orange VA Hospital was haunted.

“This seems strange to some people, but for religious Catholics like myself, many feel as I do about this — that there are spirits in the world and they sometimes show themselves and are more likely to be doing this in and around hospitals, where people suffer and die,” he said in the interview.

After the story was published he was fired, ostensibly because he fell asleep at work, improperly used a worker computer and refused to submit to psychological testing.

It was the second time he’d been fired – that first time was in 2013 for alleged disciplinary infractions that he claimed were bogus. A federal judge agreed with his claim that he lost his job because he was a whistle blower after reporting misconduct by his superiors.

Speaking about the latest case, his lawyer, Alan Wolin, said the VA “saw the error of its ways and settled the case.’’

Vaher said, “I’m very happy at how things turned out and that my record has finally been cleared.”

Story and source: New York Post

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