Monday, 5 September 2016

Graham Matthew's Background Info

My story is a bit different. I got involved in Ghost investigations by chance in 1999 when a friend was starting up a small TV production company. 

Whilst looking for ideas for TV programmes another friend invited me on one of his investigations (pub in the Bedford area). I could see the potential for a TV programme and drafted a basic idea on paper. 

What followed was the formation of our own group, a series of research investigations and then a TV deal for 9 broadcast programmes under the title of the Ghost Detectives.

 For various reasons too boring to describe here the TV shows dried up. I carried on with my own group 'Night Watch UK'. 

The team comprised mostly of the TV investigators plus others who joined us. Between 2001 - 2006 we were regularly investigating any location rumoured to have ghosts which included museums, castles, stately homes, old mills, pubs, clubs and a few private houses all over the country. 

We were always evidence driven and thus kept the location of the investigation secret until the last minute. We worked slightly differently to MVPI in that all investigators worked in pairs, plotting their findings onto a floor plan, sharing their evidence only at the end of the night, which always concluded with a seance. 

Due to work pressures I had to close the group in 2006 but maintained my links to my friends and kept all the 'evidence' we gathered. The strangest thing I discovered is that far more action happens when the cameras are off, or if (as we did on several occasions) we carried out a continuous 5 day 24 hour round the clock investigation. 

All our best activity happened on day 4 or 5. MVPI I challenge you.....

Written by Graham Matthews



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