Monday, 17 October 2016

Mum photographs 'GHOST' at Birmingham Back to Backs museum

It may look like a simple shadow – but a stunned mum believes this picture shows a GHOST at a Birmingham tourist attraction.

Ella Reeve said she felt “icy cold” as she took the snap during a guided tour of the historic Back to Backs in the city centre .

The image showed a shadow in a bedroom – but the 30-year-old said there was no-one else in the room and the shadow did not fall on the nearby bed.

Ella said she hoped the shadow was that of her late grandfather, a Second World War veteran.

He died aged 93 two years ago – and used to live in a similar back-to-back house.

The mother-of-two was also carrying a picture of her grandad when she took the photo.

“After taking a picture of a specific room, I felt icy cold,” she said.

“Later, I realised there was a shadow in the picture.

“This picture was weird because there was nobody else in the room and you can’t see the shadow on the bed.”

Ella also snapped what she claimed was a “misty cloud” in a kitchen during her tour of the National Trust-run attraction – the last surviving court of back to-back houses in Birmingham.

She said: “I wasn’t thinking about ghosts in either room but I looked at that picture and saw a cloud – I became scared.

“I know it sounds far-fetched but I hoped the shadow, which resembles a man’s body, was my grandfather.

“My grandfather was a really honest and respectable man and I’m very curious about the room.

“I want to return to do a candlelit tour – I’m scared but I think it’s fascinating.”

Ella, from Wolverhampton , said the photo was just the latest sign she believed she had received from her grandad.

She said: “On the day he died, my step-dad called to let me know and I was heartbroken.

“I had awoken an hour earlier with a horrible feeling.

“When I went to my back garden afterwards, I looked up to the sky and said: ‘Grandad if you’re okay, show me a sign’.

“A white feather dropped on my lap.

“Before an operation in September 2015, I saw a white feather on the hospital’s bathroom floor.

“I wondered where it had come from as there were no windows in the room.”

Ella said she also had a spooky experience at Dudley Castle as a teenager.

She said: “I think I was 18 at the time.

“While I was touring I heard someone yell: ‘Stop!’.

“I looked up and saw a man I believed to be one of the castle’s actors dressed in a 15th-century outfit.

“But later that day, when I told the tour guide that I had seen an actor, she said they did not have actors that day.”

Story and source: Birmingham Mail

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