Saturday, 20 August 2016

Chilling moment a ‘ghost’ appears to follow a woman out of a waiting room but no one else seems to notice it

A CCTV clip showing a dark shadow following a woman out of a waiting room has left millions of viewers wondering whether it is a supernatural presence.

While the ghostly apparition can clearly be seen on screen, no one else in the room appears to notice it.

The chilling video was taken on May 10 this year according to the time stamp but has only just surfaced online in China.

In the footage, the woman is seen talking at a window in a busy waiting room.

The narrative indicates that it's not in China but it does not give the location of the room.

As the woman steps away from the window and walks towards the other side of the room, she is joined by a dark figure, which follows her out of the room.

Other people in the waiting room seem oblivious to the shadow.

The video was posted on Chinese video sharing website QQ on August 10, where it has since had over 30 million views.

But not everyone was convinced that the shadow was indeed a ghost.

One user wrote: 'It's obviously her own shadow because there are lights above her.'

Another user said: 'There is no true or false when it comes to this video. Do not jump to the conclusion that there is no ghost. Science can not explain things.'

While one user said: 'If it is determined to be a ghost then ghosts hold no danger to people.'

Story and source: Daily Mail

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