Ashley Knibb & Farsight Paranormal Research Society

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Farsight Paranormal Research Society (or Farsight PRS) is a team of investigators, brought together by their common interest and that all believe in finding reputable and solid evidence of the paranormal. Founded in March 2009 at the request of friends, Ashley Knibb soon saw its potential and began to put together his team. Selecting them for their qualities and abilities they would bring to his team. He wanted his team to approach each investigation professionally and cover everything in each case they would face.

Farsight Files

Divine Connections

Hi there! Welcome to Divine Connections, a place where we can share our stories and experiences of all those beautiful divine spiritual and universal beings!

This group can provide all of the following;

Spiritual/Paranormal Support & Guidance
Reiki treatments
Angel card/Tarot card readings (Online or in person) Inquire for further details
Ribbon readings
Paranormal Investigations (MVPI)

Divine Connections

Dove's Light

As a young girl, I would often host tea parties for the "Light people" It's only recently, since November 2012, that I realised these "light people" as I used to refer to them, were in actual fact spiritual beings.

I attended my first clairvoyant evening back in October 2012, and it was here that I decided I would like to take My interest/abilities much further. 2013 has been a very busy but wonderful year for Me, I have achieved so much. After sitting in an open Psychic Development Circle for a year, I am now part of a closed Circle which I helped form, along with four other fantastic ladies. I joined a Paranormal Investigation Team in May 2013, which I am now a lead investigator in, and also part of their SPEAR team (Specialised Paranormal Enquiry And Response team) I became a Reiki master in October 2013, and I'm looking at doing a past life regression/healing course in 2014. I am also hoping to have My poetry published in the very near future too! :-)

I am a clairvoyant Medium and currently work with Angel cards, although I'm looking at extending My knowledge and ability very soon, by introducing Tarot and various other tools. I started out giving free online Angel card and photo readings, as a way to gain experience and develop my abilities, and to date have completed just over 100 individual readings. I now charge a very competitive fee and like to donate a percentage to various charities, one of those very close to my heart is "Mind" By doing this, I am also balancing my giving with receiving :-)

I love what I do, and being able to provide people with hope and comfort is just the best feeling in the world. I am a bit of a Facebook junkie,  I am part of a group called "Earth Angels" and can often be found on there sharing My poetry, and offering support and guidance to those in need. I also have My own pages "Dove's Light" and "Orb Spotter's United"

Dove's Light

Spirit Links

Spirit Links Clairvoyant Evenings are a monthly event at York House Stony Stratford. The event is run by Penny Alterskye ( and Helen Scott ( Each month we have a different clairvoyant/s attending the event and sharing beautiful messages with the congregation. All are welcome. It is a beautiful event with like minded individuals, messages given in love and a true fellowship. Entrance is £4 per person which includes tea, coffee and biscuits.
Clarity of Sight attend with Angel and Tarot cards, dream catchers and different items each month. You can order online at and get your goods delivered free of postage to the next Spirit Links.

Spirit Links

Lamb Paranormal, Connecticut, USA

Tammie and Mike take in all the possibilities behind pictures of orbs, mists, lights and figures.  Before and outdoor investigation they record whether it's foggy, the grounds a little wet, if there's snow on the ground, whether its raining a little, anything that would cause a 'paranormal picture'.

As for taking the case inside, they try to avoid mirrors, light bulbs...because they can still cause reflections and windows. Now being inside a building or a house all orbs are considered nothing but dust in their eyes, because lets face it everyone has dust in their house.

Tammie and Mike are all about the facts and never go into an investigation believing it's haunted.

Lamb Paranormal

Indico Paranormal, UK

Indico Paranormal was founded by Sadie in October 2013. Since its launch she has investigated many possible haunted locations with various individuals and had many an experience and captured some very interesting things ranging from partial visual apparitions and EVP. She is a proud member of the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology with whom she obtained a diploma of distinction for Paranormal Investigation. A scientific approach is taken on investigations along with some more traditional methods of trying to reveal the possible lurking paranormal within. Investigations are conducted in a disciplined and controlled manner so as to provide a professional service. Sadie introduced a video log labelled “Friday ParaVlogs” which are displayed on the Indico Paranormal Youtube Channel. These are usually uploaded every Friday, hence the name!

Indico Paranormal