Join Our Team

Many thanks for looking at our recruitment page. On this page you will find everything that you need to apply to become a member of MVPI.

Marston Vale Paranormal Investigations was formed in 2009, and live investigations got under way during early 2010. Since then MVPI have visited many sites both public and private and experienced a wide range of phenomena, some explainable, some not so explainable.

We welcome applications from anyone who has an interest in all things paranormal. We do ask that you consider before applying if this is something you can do. We work sometimes in total darkness and things can make you jump, so this may not be something you can do if you suffer from anxiety or a heart condition.

Marston Vale Paranormal Investigations is governed by our Code of Practice which you can view HERE. Please read this document prior to completing an application as it covers our rules, regulations and disclaimers. We will not accept any application where there is no agreement to abide by the rules, regulations and disclaimers within our Code of Practice.

Membership is subject to a £20 charge per year, this is after three trial investigations which covers the modular training program and purchase of new equipment.