About Us

About Marston Vale Paranormal

We at Marston Vale Paranormal investigate to the best of our ability and the capabilities of our equipment, and using professional computer software suites we attempt to find a reasonable explanation behind anything captured either via photograph, video, audio or electro-magnetic.  We take during daylight hours control images for comparisons so we have something to work with in trying to find plausible reasons for capturing light or audio at locations.  Our team will also act upon any experiences during the investigation to see if the source of the noise or image can be found in order to eliminate natural occurrence of the phenomena.

We have a dedicated team of investigators who are on call to conduct investigations at a variety of locations, private or commercial and we respect the wishes and confidentiality of our clients.  Nothing from any domestic or commercial investigation will ever be posted on this site without the express permission of the client, and in any case it would be done without giving away the identity of the client or location.  All of our investigators carry identification issued by Marston Vale Paranormal, are governed by a strict code of conduct and any investigation private or public is catalogued and given a unique reference number.

We have the sense to see things for what they are as well as what they aren't.  Some images show capture of rain (although you are asking for trouble taking flash photos in the rain, everything turns into orbs!), insects, dust, or other organic matter, not everything on film is a 'ghost', however we prefer to use the term 'paranormal'.  Paranormal is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation" or that indicates phenomena that are understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure.  At the end of the day if we capture any evidence we do leave it up to the person viewing it to draw their own conclusions as to what they are seeing, all we can say is, 'we don't know what it is'.

That said please bear in mind that this is still not an exact science, we don't have a rule book just common sense.

Rob, Founder
Founded MVPI back in September 2009 with a digital camera, night shot camcorder and a dicta-phone. Thankfully we are better equipped now.  Rob takes care of the recruiting, investigation training, equipment training, evidence review training, training design and delivery, training manuals and is the groups Code of Conduct and regulations editor as well as taking care of the technical side of MVPI.  Rob is also one of the Specialised Paranormal Enquiry And Response Team Members who take care of our private cases portfolio. 

Amanda, Lead Sensitive & Co-Founder
Co-Founded MVPI and also manages the equipment purchasing (basically Amanda makes sure Rob doesn't spend everything on kit), post-investigation research and evidence reviews.  Amanda also heads up our Aftercare service following on our SPEAR service post investigation.  Amanda also runs spiritual projects outside of MVPI through 'Sensitive Steps' as a rune reader and spiritual sensitive.

Martin, Lead Photographic & Digital Imaging
Joined MVPI in early 2010 and is our photographic lead.  Martin looks into our post investigation imagery as well as being one of our lead investigators.  Martin has also led a lot of research into non anomalous photography, working to debunk those irritating 'dust and moisture' orb photographs by creating a comparative database of organic images from which we can compare our images from investigations to.

Gav, Hertfordshire Lead Paranormal Investigator & Historical Researcher
Joined also in 2010 and is our team historian.  Gav also takes care of our technical side of the business in the field and has proven to produce excellent camera work using Infra Red Imaging Camera's.  Gav is a lead investigator and also one of our Specialised Paranormal Enquiry And Response Team members.

Georgie, Northamptonshire East Lead Paranormal Investigator
Joined MVPI during summer 2012 and has secured many of our Northamptonshire cases and continues to support and lead our new case acquisitions.  Georgie is also a lead investigator and reviewer of all the evidence collected from cases.  Georgie also takes care of our Health and Safety site assessments before we put teams into locations.

Dannie, Buckinghamshire Lead Paranormal Investigator
Dannie joined in Spring 2013 and after completing her training and lead investigator training took the reins to looking after Buckinghamshire.  Dannie is also a member of the SPEAR Team as well as being busy with various spiritual projects of her own as well.

​Dannie actively works through her 'Dove's Light' site bringing Reiki and other spiritual practices to those who need this kind of holistic therapy.

Sasha, Bedfordshire Lead Paranormal Investigator
Sasha joins MVPI from Banbury Ghost Hunters after having moved to Bedfordshire.  Sasha heads the Bedfordshire Cases Team.  Sasha has conducted several investigations and brings energy and enthusiasm with her to each case we attend.  Sasha is also a member of our Special Enquiry And Response team.

Paul, Northamptonshire West Lead Paranormal Investigator
Joined MVPI during summer 2014 and has worked on many of our Northamptonshire cases.  Paul also works alongside Rob on the technical investigations side of the business.

​Paul actively practices healing and spiritual mediumship which he utilises to great effect on investigations.

Pete, IT Lead and Online Specialist
Pete provides IT solutions and online presence. Pete previously used his passion for the paranormal by working on a website called Parastronomy that featured in Paranormal Magazine. His expertise in this area is provided all the way from Blackpool.

Sarah, Paranormal Investigator
Sarah joined MVPI in summer 2013.  Sarah has fast become a popular member of the team and everyone has enjoyed working with her.  Sarah is involved in the review of the evidential material gathered from our investigations.

Ann, Paranormal Investigator
​Joined MVPI in Spring 2015 and came with a wealth of experience from other paranormal groups.  Ann is a very well grounded investigator and everyone who works with Ann loves her.

Graham, Paranormal Investigator
​Graham joined us in 2016 and comes with a wealth of experience from other paranormal groups as well as his work in photography and media.

Chris, Paranormal Investigator
Chris joined MVPI in summer 2017. He has a passion for technical investigation. He also enjoys putting evidence together for the team to investigate. He wants answers !

Liz, Paranormal Investigator
Liz joined mvpi along with Chris in 2017. She has always had a strong interest in the paranormal and mediumship. First time investigator but is ecstatic for this opportunity to work with the skilled team and learn along this new journey.