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The Marston Vale Paranormal Investigations SPEAR Team are specially selected and trained to deal with our private cases portfolio.  The SPEAR team are selected because of skills they possess as a result of their day to day work, so we have electricians, photographers, counselors, teachers, instructors and professional investigators.  This mix of professions ensures that the client is getting the very best service we can provide in working towards finding an answer, if it exists, into claims of paranormal activity.  We have attached a copy of the client contract that must be read and ticked in the appropriate box below.

(We cannot undertake investigations where there has been a bereavement in the past 12 months)

In order to assist us in investigating your case, please keep a log of any activity that you may continue to experience. MVPI will only conduct any investigation to the point of trying to find reasonable explanations behind what is occurring. We may pass on information to another trusted paranormal society to seek their assistance in the event of anything unexplained being found, this however is only done with permission from yourself.